Products that weaken: what should be food for constipation

  • Products that weaken: what should be food for constipation

    Constipation is a common problem. This is due to the physiological features of the structure of the gastrointestinal tract and the speed of life, which does not leave time for proper nutrition.

    The snack is horrible and the horrible leads to the fact that a person can not go to the toilet in time. Irregular defecation leads to poisoning of the body due to the fact that harmful substances are not withdrawn, but absorbed into the blood.

    Most people are used to using laxatives that can be bought at a pharmacy, but they are not always effective. In addition, they do not allow long-term therapeutic effects on the gastrointestinal tract, but produce a temporary cleansing.

    In order to restore the work of the digestive system, you need to reconsider your diet. It is necessary to include products that weaken in it. Among them some juices, for example, apple, pear, apple-grape, apple-dogrose, peach, plum, pineapple-peach and multivitamin. It should be noted that it is better to prepare juices on your own, rather than buy in shops.

    The best laxatives are those with a lot of fiber: vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains. Food rich in fiber increases the amount of so-called acid-loving bacteria in the intestine - they are not only harmful, but also useful.

    These bacteria are involved in food processing, and as a result of these processes, short chain fatty acids( SCFCs) are formed, substances that play a very important role in the bowel as a whole. They provide energy to the beneficial intestinal microflora;improve the barrier function of its walls, not allowing microbes to pass through them into other environments of the body;regulate its motor activity;stimulate blood flow;maintain a normal pH level, etc.

    These processes are rather complex, but they are quite accessible for our understanding - in general, so that we can have an idea of ​​the nature of constipation, and understand exactly how to deal with them.

    There are many effective laxative products, and bran is one of the first places in this respect. They have a lot of rough fiber, and also have all the vitamins of group B, and apply them easily and simply: you must first take 1 tsp.3 times a day, and within 2 weeks gradually increase the dose to 1 tbsp.3 times a day.

    Buy bran can be in the store, phyto-pharmacy or ordinary pharmacy, and take them, brewing boiling water - only in this case they will act. Water is drained after 30 minutes, and bran is added to the porridge, soup, salad, etc. Bread with bran also has a laxative effect, if, of course, they do not overeat.

    Good action has a pumpkin - from it you can cook a lot of delicious, and not just all the famous pumpkin porridge. You can also eat it raw - separately, or, adding to salads, bake, stew or fry. By the way, the very porridge - from a pumpkin with millet, is very tasty and useful, if you cook it correctly, and also has a light laxative effect.

    To products that have a mild laxative effect, you can include vegetable puree from potatoes, spinach and with the addition of cream. You can cook puree from fruits, such as pear, plum, peach and apricot. As a laxative product, you can use melon.

    There are other products that weaken, for example, dried fruits. They can be eaten throughout the day, and they are perfect for eliminating hunger. The choice is great - dried apricots, prunes, figs or raisins. Dried fruits can be poured hot water, and this broth should be given to children.

    All dairy products that are weak are one-day. In a couple of days they already have the opposite function. Drink fresh yogurt, yogurt, ryazhenka for constipation and for the prevention of bowel health.

    An interesting fact: contrary to popular belief, black bitter chocolate also has a laxative effect. Eat right and stay healthy.

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