Melissa: benefit and harm, how to make tea with melissa?

  • Melissa: benefit and harm, how to make tea with melissa?

    Melissa is one of the mint sisters. The plant is known from ancient times. For its aroma of lemon grass is often called lemon mint.

    It refers to the perennial plants of the family of the clearing, quite often in the garden and garden, the balm grows like a weed. In special care the plant does not need, can grow in the shade of trees or shrubs. Harvest can be observed several times a year. The plant flowers with beautiful white flowers of small size.

    Melissa is the homeland of the Mediterranean countries. It is often used in dishes of Greek, Spanish, Cretan cuisine. The smell of this amazing plant soothes bees. Therefore, beekeepers often use lemon balm, rubbing her hands so that the bees do not bite them.

    Medicinal melissa used by mankind for more than 3000 years. First, this plant was selected and studied at the scientific level by Aristotle and Theophrastus. Avicenna argued that the plant perfectly strengthens the body, helps with blockage of brain activity.

    Melissa Ingredients

    Melissa is a truly herb containing many useful ingredients. In it you can find tannins, bitterness, saponins, flavonoids, organic acids - coffee, oleic, ursol. In the composition of melissa essential oil alone, scientists found more than 200 substances!

    A considerable benefit of balm is justified by its vitaminized composition: a whole complex of B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamin A.

    It contains such important macroelements as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and also trace elements - zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum,chromium. Nickel and vanadium contained in it, enhance the protective functions of the body, purify the blood.

    The use of lemon balm for health

    The most popular method of using lemon balm is to make yourself a tea from this plant, and its useful properties we will consider in more detail below.

    1. 1) Melissa broth is an effective sedative. It calms, relaxes, it is often recommended by doctors with neuroses, insomnia, vegetative disorders, nervous exhaustion of the body. To hyperactive children the plant helps to develop perseverance, ability to concentrate, improve memory. To get rid of insomnia, balm is mixed in equal proportions with motherwort and mint.
    2. 2) The tincture of the plant perfectly copes with female ailments. It is recommended for taking painful menstruation, ovarian dysfunction, hormonal problems. She copes with the effects of menopause and helps with toxicosis of pregnant women.
    3. 3) Has a mild laxative and diuretic effect. The plant removes excess fluid, reduces swelling, thereby helping to cope with excess weight. Knowingly it is recommended to use it for everyone who wants to lose weight. After all, a person without stress will not overeat, and thus will not recover.
    4. 4) Normalizes the heart rhythm, removes nervous tremor.
    5. 5) Stabilizes the work of the digestive tract. Thanks to its use, ulcers of the duodenal ulcer and stomach are healed, digestive functions are improved. Melissa also has a cholagogue effect.
    6. 6) Has the ability to purify blood and lymph, the intestines. With the help of lemon balm it is possible to get rid of skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, skin rash. It will also help with insect bites.
    7. 7) Treats anemia. Effectively the plant showed itself in the quality of therapy for patients with diabetes mellitus and hypertensive patients.
    8. 8) The herb is used as an antiviral agent. It helps to fight the flu, herpes, ARVI.You can use plant essential oil to prevent colds. It will be necessary to inhale oil for cleaning the lungs, as well as apply oil on the aroma lamp to disinfect the room.
    9. 9) Melissa is an excellent remedy for getting rid of depression, fatigue, it struggles with the consequence of mental and physical overwork.
    10. 10) Relieves pain, has anticonvulsant properties.
    11. 11) Melissa essential oil with massages helps to cope with excess weight, fluid stagnation and manifestations of cellulite.
    The tips of plant shoots and leaves are often used to treat toothache, bruises and rheumatism. Drug melissa is very effective in helping to improve your health. It can be used by the whole family, it is only necessary to take into account the proportions and not to abuse the amount of the plant.

    Contra-indications, harm of balm

    It is not recommended to use the herb for hypertension and individual intolerance. Do not make baths and any other recipes related to the use of tincture, essential oil on the skin. Inflammation can only intensify due to damage to the skin.

    You do not need to apply tea with melissa, if in the near future you plan to get behind the wheel, and you need a good reaction. Since the plant has a sedative effect, it should not be used when working with mechanisms and auto.

    If you have a calm nervous system, you should not drink tea with melissa in the morning, as you may experience drowsiness during the day. On some people, it even has the effect of sleeping pills, it should also be taken into account so as not to harm yourself.

    Before applying the essential oil of this plant, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction. If you have an allergy, do not use lemon balm. In addition, if you are already taking any sedatives, talk to your doctor about this herb. It can further strengthen their action.

    How to use lemon balm?

    Melissa is used in cooking in a dry and fresh form. Due to the high content of vitamins, micro- and macro elements, honey from melissa is of particular value. During flowering this plant gives a lot of nectar.

    Leaves of grass are perfectly combined with salads, cheeses, dishes from meat and fish. Melissa is very tasty in soups and sauces. Ideally, the plant is in harmony with the brewing of tea, you can add black or green tea to it. In addition to tea, honey, cinnamon, and alcoholic beverages are added to the melissa. Persen, Relaxin, Novopassit, tea bags - many preparations from lemon balm can be purchased in ready form at the pharmacy.

    The best option is to use lemon balm from your garden or vegetable garden. Prepare the plant for the winter, previously washed and dried.

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