Removing the lipoma with a laser: how is the procedure, what are the reviews about it

  • Removing the lipoma with a laser: how is the procedure, what are the reviews about it

    Lipoma is known to us more as a wen, which can form on the body in any place. This happens most often due to metabolic disorders in the body. Outwardly it resembles a tumor, which in its dimensions may be small( up to 5 cm), but it also happens that it can reach impressive proportions( up to 20 cm).

    It is painless, but even this fact leaves her no chance to remain on the human body for a long time. After all, a fatty can lead to a bunch of negative emotions, which are based both on aesthetic soil, and on the fact that a large-sized lipoma delivers physical discomfort.

    Laser removal of lipomas is a convenient, practical, effective modern way to solve the problems of unwanted body fat. The laser makes it possible to remove lipomas even of large size without any difficulties and complications.

    The procedure, as a rule, does not take much time and is completely painless for the patient, thanks to local anesthesia. Equipment allows you to accurately affect only the formation itself, without affecting healthy tissue.

    In addition, laser removal of lipoma has an additional advantage: this procedure is completely bloodless. During the operation, it is very important for the specialist who extracts the contents of the wen, to completely remove all the fat cells from it, otherwise the patient will inevitably relapse afterwards.


    In general, the procedure for laser removal of lipoma has established itself well among patients, this can be judged by the feedback:


    "I did not notice the grease itself immediately, it was on its back, which made it difficult to detect it early. He cautiously ated his size - with a pea, although touching him was not accompanied by unpleasant or even painful sensations.
    I received a medical commission at work and I asked the doctor what kind of pea was on my back. The doctor said that this is a common wen, which can be removed in several ways. And I'm afraid to go to the dentist, but here's a scalpel!
    More financial-cost variant of laser removal I liked more. After reading the information on the Web, I realized that I had nothing to fear, and the choice was made correctly.
    In our clinic such a procedure, of course, was not carried out, it was necessary to look for private traders who specialize in such a procedure. And I found a clinic where, after consulting me, everything suited me. Within an hour, the "pea" was removed without a trace, under an anesthetic drug.
    After the procedure, I several times appeared on the inspection, and then only because the rules required it. Now there is nothing on the place of the zhirovik, neither the formation, nor the scar after the laser. Very satisfied".


    "My son has had a lipoma on his head since the age of seven. As soon as I noticed his education on his head, I was very confused, I did not know that this was a common wen. We were assured that there was no need for urgent removal, and this wader was sitting with us for three years, until it began to grow even larger.
    I began to notice that my son is very uncomfortable among my peers, and indeed, among people, because the wen became noticeable to the naked eye. We went to a private clinic, and after all the tests we were removed. The son had the procedure well, the anesthesia did not let him feel the pain. The only thing that upset my son, that we had to lose our hair for a while, but it is quite possible to survive.
    The band was sealed with a bandage, after which we went home. There were no complications. Yet laser is a cool thing! "

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