• Treatment of glaucoma with folk remedies and methods

    Glaucoma is a disease caused by a constant or periodic increase in intraocular pressure. Over the past 10-15 years, the disability caused by glaucoma, occupies a leading place in the list of eye diseases. And the percentage of disability with glaucoma increased from 13% to a record 20%.

    The problem of diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma is that most patients seek help in the last stages of the disease, whereas treatment in the initial stages can be performed without surgery, conservative and folk methods.

    Treatment of glaucoma with the help of folk methods

    Treatment of glaucoma with folk remedies pursues the same goals as conservative treatment, that is, in other words, the goal of treatment is the control and normalization of intraocular pressure. It is best to treat people's prescriptions together with the prescription of a doctor and use of medicines.

    One of the reasons for the increased pressure inside the eye is a deficiency of minerals and vitamins, and in the herbal remedies that form the basis of folk therapy, there is a sufficient amount of these nutrients.

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    Before starting the treatment of glaucoma at home, it is necessary to measure the pressure in the eyes, and the process of treatment is carried out under his supervision. Intraocular pressure should be measured on an outpatient basis at least once a month. Pressure control is necessary in order not to miss the deterioration and pressure increase.

    If control shows that with the disease of glaucoma folk methods of treatment have their effect and the pressure is normal, then you can continue to use them. If there is a worsening of the condition or the pressure remains on high figures, it is necessary in this case to consult a doctor and to treat with traditional methods.

    The whole point is that glaucoma is also called a "silent sight thief", as in most cases the disease starts and proceeds without any significant symptoms. In order not to happen that during the treatment by popular methods vision deteriorated, it is also necessary to measure it periodically, at least once every 5-6 months.

    Symptoms of deterioration include sensations of a foreign object in the eye, narrowing of peripheral vision, glow around objects, decreased vision and other signs. When they appear, you should immediately consult a doctor and measure eye pressure to reveal glaucoma in the early stages.

    Traditional medicine recipes

    Before curing glaucoma with the help of folk recipes, you need to divide all the recipes into local recipes( eye drops, compresses, etc.) and general ones that can be regularly taken inside. Useful substances containing in plant and natural ingredients, even when ingested, have their positive effects. This is due to improved drainage of the lymphatic system, improved rheological properties of blood, purification of blood plasma from cell decay products.

    The most common treatments for herbal remedies include the following recipes:

    • Treatment with aloe - to do this, take an aloe leaf, finely chop it, and then pour a glass of hot water. The resulting infusion( for 3 hours) strain and use for washing the eyes several times a day.
    • Treatment with mummies - it can be used internally for 25-30 days. For this, you can drink mummy in undissolved form for 0.5 g several times a day, and also dissolve 1 , 0 mumiy in a glass of water and use it before bedtime. The rich mineral composition of the mummy can help restore the rheology of blood and improve drainage in the eye cavity.
    • Treatment with raw potatoes - this recipe is used for pain in glaucoma. To do this, wipe one potato on a small grater and add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Then put this gruel on the fabric and make a compress so that the area around the eyes is captured.
    • Treatment with the help of wild rose berries - for this, a liter jar must be filled up to the top with wild rose berries and poured with warm water. Then insist the solution for a week and drink, diluting with water( 1 tablespoon of a glass of water infusion).
    • Treatment of glaucoma with honey - for this honey mixed with onion juice in equal proportions, adding to them as much dandelion juice. Stir the mixture for 3-4 hours and bury their eyes several times a day. Since the composition is not stored at room temperature, it should be done in small amounts at least every other day and stored in a dark cool place. Honey can be mixed with tomato juice( 1 tablespoon per glass of juice) and drink for a long period of time.
    • With honey in equal proportions, you can mix tincture of dill, which is sold in the pharmacy chain, and then after a few hours to bury her eyes a few drops.
    • Treatment with blueberries - for this, fresh berries in equal proportions mix with natural honey and use 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture daily several times a day.
    • Treatment with juice from vegetables - for this, take in equal proportions celery, carrots, parsley, cucumbers and beetroot, squeeze out juice from them and in fresh form to eat throughout the day before eating.
    • Treatment with a golden mustache - this will require a sheet size of 15-20 cm, which in finely chopped form is poured over with boiling water. Infuse for at least 24 hours, and then eat 3-4 times a day for 1 tablespoon before meals, previously dissolving the infusion in a glass of water. You can also bury the juice of this plant directly in the eye several times a day.
    • Treatment with berries - for this you can use berries of mountain ash, black and red currants, guelderies and strawberries, which are taken in equal proportions( 2 tablespoons) and eat 2-3 times a day in fresh form.
    • In the eye, you can instill a mixture of aloe and honey juice, which take 1 tablespoon and mix with 100 g of pure water. Bury the eyes for the night, before washing them with a tincture of anise leaves( 1 tablespoon dry mixture and 0.5 liters of water).
    • Compress of dill seeds - for this in a small linen bag to put a little seeds of dill and drop the bag into boiling water. After 2-3 minutes, take out the bag, cool a little and apply to the eyes for the night in a warm form.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of glaucoma need to be combined with observance of the work and rest regime, and also take these funds for a long period of time. The fact is that all national recipes do not have the miraculous healing power for 10-15 days, they should be taken long and carefully. The combination of these methods with measures to prevent glaucoma can help reduce the risk of complications and the percentage of surgical intervention.

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