• Wearing a child in a travel bag

    Bag provides the child with reliable protection if you go shopping or go on the road and find yourself in places with a lot of people. When you get through the shop crowd or through the airport with a year-old baby in tow, you have to be nervous at the thought of what might happen if you at least let go of his hand for a second( or release the stroller and distract yourself).Between the year and two, when the child begins to walk, breaks out of your trusty hands and explores the world around him, the bag keeps the child closer to you in any situation where a detached child may be at risk of danger. Have you ever noticed that the face of a child walking alone is exactly at the level at which people hold lit cigarettes? Busy buyers and people at airports often do not look, do not spin under the feet of the kids. Raise your child to a safe level and J calm down - he will not run away without you.

    Working parents all over the world are constantly on the road, and the bag makes traveling much easier. When traveling from small children it is constantly required that they move from one activity to another. With the use of a bag, the transition( changes in the situation or the transition from wakefulness to sleep) becomes easier. When you are standing at the airport in line, the child in the bag is safe, in a relaxed atmosphere and feels wonderful. If the child begins to express some displeasure in the plane, wear it in a bag and walk around the cabin of the airplane to entertain him with visual stimulation. When the child in the hotel room is ready to fall asleep, lull him on the bed in a bag until he falls asleep. A home for a child is where mom and dad and the bag serve as a constant reminder of the "home".This makes it easier to adapt to the new environment and makes traveling more enjoyable for the whole family.

    Here are a few other applications that a sling bag can find on the road:

    Pillow. To feed your baby, or just to put the baby on your lap, the baby bag can easily be folded and turned into a comfortable pillow. Fold the bag as it was in the package, and you will have a comfortable pillow.

    Bedding for changing clothes. Put the bag on the floor or on the dressing table( do not leave the child on the table unattended), put the baby's head on the under-shoulder - and it's ready! You have a comfortable surface for changing the diaper. At the time of disguise, place a clean cloth diaper under the baby so as not to contaminate the bag.

    Bedspread. From a children's bag you get a good road cover for daytime sleep, inconspicuous breastfeeding and for warmth.

    In the car. In , the first months of a child's life, the soft sides of the bag can be laid around the child's head to fix it for the duration of the trip. We carried the child in a bag from house to car, leaned over the car seat and reliably laid the child on the baby car seat, using the bag as a prop for the head. Arriving at the destination, we took the child out of the seat right in the bag and put it on ourselves. This maneuver usually requires two people. The first one who carries raises the sleeping child in the bag, while the second throws the rest of the bag over his head.

    In families with special circumstances or children with special needs, carrying a child in a bag relieves part of the stress.