• Dermatitis on the face: photos, symptoms and treatment, causes

    Dermatitis can appear on the face due to a variety of different causes, but most often its development is provoked by the effects of allergens or substances that are not susceptible to the body.

    Clinical manifestations are also different for a particular type of disease. Dermatitis can manifest itself at any age.

    Predispositions on gender are practically not observed. All dermatitis can be combined with one common concept - epidermal reactions of intolerance. Depending on the cause of appearance and development, all dermatitis can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

    • acute contact dermatitis( may be simple( irritant) or allergic);
    • chronic contact dermatitis( allergic or cumulative-toxic);
    • seborrheic dermatitis( seborrheic eczema);
    • atopic dermatitis( atopic eczema);
    • microbial eczema( numeral).
    To favorite places of localization of dermatitis on the face are: superciliary arches, cheeks, chin, lips.

    Causes of development of dermatitis on the face

    The main reasons for the development of allergic dermatitis on the face is the body's intolerance to certain substances when ingested directly inside - allergens( food).This type of dermatitis develops only after the secondary exposure to the allergen in the body( complete sensitization).

    As for contact dermatitis, the main cause of its appearance is the intolerance to the skin of certain substances. To provoke the development of this type of dermatitis can not only means of household chemicals, but even clothing, costume jewelry and medications. People with a contact type of dermatitis often have accompanying diseases in the form of: asthma of bronchial, hay fever, eczema, etc. This form develops somewhat slower than the previous one.

    If it is a question of seborrheic dermatitis, the basis of etiopathogenesis of this form is the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands secretion( sebum).

    Symptoms of dermatitis on the face

    Depending on the type of dermatitis, certain clinical symptoms may be observed. At the initial stages of development, dermatitis on the face can be manifested only by slight reddening and the formation of pink spots.

    As the disease develops and the duration of its course, the symptoms of dermatitis expand and become more vivid. For most of them, the clinical picture is very similar and manifests itself in the form of such signs as:

    • hyperemia of the skin( from pale pink to bright pink hue);
    • dryness and peeling of the skin;
    • local swelling( most often observed with localization of the pathological process in the mouth area);
    • of a different type of eruption: papules, vesicles and other elements that can be filled with liquid contents of serous, hemorrhagic and even purulent nature;
    • skin itching( sometimes intolerable);
    • feeling of heat and burning of the skin;
    • acne on the face and acne are the main manifestations of seborrheic dermatitis;
    • fuzzy boundaries of lesions, tend to merge;
    • lichenification;
    • sweeps and cracks;
    • formation of crusts on the spot peeling, with possible further appearance of erosion and foci of wetting with long-lasting non-healing sores;
    • in the form of concomitant symptoms can act: a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion - signs of an allergic process.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    To put the correct diagnosis will help a carefully collected history of the patient's life( what food was taken, what cosmetic products he used, when the disease appeared and with what he connects it).

    In addition, help in the diagnosis of allergic dermatitis on the face will help patch testing, which uses a wide panel of allergens. In order to exclude fungal infection, the study is carried out in KOH solution.

    Treatment of dermatitis on the face

    Treatment of all types of dermatitis on the face is similar to each other. When contact or allergic dermatitis should immediately stop contact with the provoking factor( cosmetics, household chemicals, food, etc.).

    Treatment of dermatitis on the face often has several components and is complex. It should be aimed not only at eliminating the etiologic factor, but also on the pathogenetic mechanisms of the development of the disease, as well as the early removal of symptoms.

    For the treatment of dermatitis, activities are carried out and the following groups of medicines are used:

    1. 1) External antihistamines in the form of ointments, lotions, gels and preparations in tablets for oral administration( Erius, Ziretek, Telfast, Lokoid, Tavegil, Claritin, Suprastin);
    2. 2) Glucocorticosteroids( ointments and gels Advantan, Lokoid, hydrocortisone ointment);
    3. 3) Antibacterial preparations of local action in case of secondary infection( Levomecol ointment, etc.);
    4. 4) Use of hypoallergenic gels for washing or products containing in its composition extracts of string, violet, walnut, chamomile, licorice;
    5. 5) If possible, reduce the number of "wet-dry" cycles.

    Prevention of the disease

    With a known allergen or substance that can provoke the appearance of dermatitis on the face, it is necessary to completely eliminate contact with it.

    Important in the prevention of dermatitis is not only responsible for the hypoallergenic diet, but the right healthy diet in general.

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