• Psoriasis( scaly lichen)

    Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory allergic disease, accompanied by the appearance on the skin of inflammatory rashes and scaling. Usually it looks like convex, rough red areas covered with thin silver scales. In fact, this is a pathological condition in which the upper layer of the skin dies much faster than normal. If in normal skin, the cycle of division and maturation of skin cells occurs in 24-25 days, then in psoriasis this process takes place in only 4-5 days. Often rashes appear for the first time on the extensor surface of the elbows and knees. Rashes can appear simultaneously on other parts of the body, especially on the scalp. When scraping papules appear 3 diagnostic phenomena:

    1) stearin spots( scales), like stearin, easily fall off the surface of papules;

    2) terminal film( after removal of flakes, a reddish shiny surface is detected);

    3) bloody dew( on a smooth wet red surface there are pinpoint bleeds).

    Most often, psoriasis develops in middle-aged people and is a hereditary disease, found in twins, close relatives and is traced by

    in several generations of the same family. Useful tips for psoriasis patients:

    1) give preference to clothes made from natural fibers;

    2) less often use soap containing triclosan;

    3) use creams containing vitamin D, which in winter in the human body is in short supply;

    4) taking a shower or bath, use a soft sponge or a cotton napkin, a little oil to soften the skin. Do not use solid soaps, gasoline and other solvents to cleanse the skin. After water treatment, it is important to apply an emollient to the skin, so that the skin is smooth;

    5) shorten the nails, this will help to avoid skin injuries. Try to protect the skin from cuts and damage, as they can cause new rashes of psoriasis;

    6) clothing made of fabrics with light and mixed colors will help camouflage clothing falling on the clothes;

    7) Although the sun's rays act favorably on many patients, try not to burn in the sun;

    8) try to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid alcohol. The wounds of the winners heal faster than those of the vanquished.