What you need to eat during pregnancy and what you can drink: banned and allowed foods

  • What you need to eat during pregnancy and what you can drink: banned and allowed foods

    Most of all, pregnant women worry about nutrition, what you need to eat during pregnancy, and what you can not eat.

    This question is really relevant. Pregnant women often change their eating habits and taste. What they ate before pregnancy suddenly becomes disgusting, and instead you want something that you could not even think about before pregnancy.

    Let's first think about what exactly will have to be abandoned during pregnancy.

    What can not be consumed during pregnancy

    If you think about this topic, any sensible woman will immediately answer this question. Naturally, you need to give up from acute, salty, fatty, from preservatives, semi-finished products, flour and sweet.

    The list of things that can not be eaten during pregnancy is great, but if you think about the health of a future child, then you can completely abandon these products.

    During pregnancy, the main thing is a balanced and healthy diet. All the nutrients the child takes from the mother. But do not eat on this occasion "for two."Excess weight will not benefit the child, and you do not need it either.

    But also to sit on diets during pregnancy, too, is not worth it. Exceptions are only cases where a diet is prescribed by a doctor and it must be adhered to solely for the purpose of maintaining the health of the mother and child.

    Authorized products

    So, what foods can you eat?

    It is better to consider this issue for trimester of pregnancy.

    First trimester. At this time, the main organs and systems of the child are laid. Therefore, the diet should include proteins and vitamins. Hence the products that should be consumed: lean meat, dairy products, fish, rice, vegetables and fruits.

    Give preference to vegetables and fruits that grow in your area. For the time of pregnancy it is better to give up exotics. And, of course, pay much attention to the quality of products.

    Second and third trimesters. Caloric content of the diet should be increased. Eat more and better. At this time, especially essential trace elements: iron, zinc, magnesium and others. The child uses the mother's supplies in these substances, so they should be enough for two.

    Dried fruits, pomegranates, greens, green vegetables - these products should always be on your table. To replenish the stock of vitamin C, eat oranges, grapefruits. As vitamin supplements, it is good to drink infusions of dog rose and berries.

    And one more tip: the simpler and more diverse your food, the less health problems your child will have.


    Talking about eating pregnant, you can not say about the drinks. The liquid plays a huge role in our metabolic processes, nutrition of cells and removal of harmful substances from the body.

    - Replace tap water with quality purified drinking water and drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day( This does not apply to those who suffer from swelling, in this case it is better to discuss the amount of fluid with your doctor).

    - It is also better to cook soups and hot drinks on purified water. Chlorine and other impurities contained in tap water, you are now contraindicated.

    - Freshly squeezed juices, homemade fruit drinks and compotes with or without sugar, milk( real milk, and not what they offer on store shelves) will be useful.

    - Tea and coffee should be limited. Doctors have different opinions about caffeinated beverages. However, if you can not wake up without a cup of coffee, allow yourself this pleasure, but no more than once a day. As for herbal teas, be careful. Some herbs will benefit you, while others can do harm.

    - Completely eliminate from your diet will have a soda, juices from the packages and alcohol. In the first two drinks there is a lot of all chemistry, sugar and there is no benefit, and alcohol is dangerous not only for its content, but also for the consequences of using it: violation of coordination of movement, poisoning, etc.

    Many pregnant women defend their right to a glass of wine. Well, there are doctors who treat this quite loyal. But if you are able to refuse to drink alcohol, do not drink it.

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