• Warts on the face: causes and treatment at home

    Skin overgrowth on the face, in the form of tubercles and papules, is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, and represents, nothing more than warts.

    Warts on the face are manifested by infection with one of the types of the papilloma virus - tumifaciec verrucarum.

    Relate to the category of skin diseases, which are benign and non-inflammatory. The causative agent of the disease is transmitted by contact through the carrier or indirectly through contact with its objects or personal things.

    This does not mean that the neoplasm on the face should appear immediately. The latent period can last up to half a year, depending on what state, the immune and nervous systems are located.

    Causes of warts on the face

    The formation of warts on the face is a frequent sign of weakened immunity. The disposable factor to infection are:

    • cuts and scratches;
    • dirty hands and sweat
    Even the shortest time, finding the virus in the external environment can infect all "wanting".And sweat and combs will quickly provide lone warts the formation of a "worthy company" of their kind. Once hitting the human body, the papilloma virus will forever become his property.
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    Penetrating into the human body, the virus is localized under the upper layer of the epithelium, can penetrate into the nerve tissue, "walk" along the nerve pathways and settle in the spinal cord, permanently falling into suspended animation.

    The awakening of the virus is facilitated by any nervous processes:

    • depression and severe excitement;
    • stress and autosuggestion.
    Awake, the virus moves in the opposite direction, reaching the surface of the skin, appears on the face of the "lucky owner" in the most unexpected places. The use of common objects at home and at work, provides infection of friends, when shaking hands, co-workers and household members.

    In mentally resistant patients, the process of cleansing from facial warts can begin in a year or two. They will disappear on their own. And mentally unbalanced patients, it is necessary to solve the problem with a specialist, so as not to increase the number of tumors.

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    Typical features and types of warts on the face

    Education in the form of warts on the face come in different forms, colors with different locations of localization.

    1. 1) The surface of the face and lip of the lips may be flattened, with clear boundaries of elevation. Elevations above the skin surface are no more than two millimeters. Flat warts have a variety of shapes and colors - round, oval or polygonal outlines, changing color along the course of development - initially light, to a brownish hue.
    2. 2) To the category of ordinary warts carry knot formations of irregular shape, having a dense surface and dimensions of one centimeter."Adorns" a person at any age. At the very beginning of the manifestation, it has a flesh color, gradually changing its color, to a gray-yellow color. It does not cause any painful sensations, a slight itch is possible.
    3. 3) The appearance of hanging warts is noted in different age categories. Place of localization - eyelids, above the lips, on the chin or around the lips. They have the form of an elongated vermiform appendage, up to 8 mm in length. At the beginning of the manifestation it looks like an insignificant elevation, gradually elongating, turning into a thin cylindrical growth with a foot at the base. Changes color from the initial - flesh-colored, to brown. There are no painful manifestations.
    4. 4) Emerging education on the face after forty years, called senile warts. They are not infectious in nature, but are manifested due to age-specific features that affect the change in metabolic processes. Characterized as an elevation in the form of an irregularly shaped patch with dense skin on a surface resembling a horny shell. They reach 5 - 50 mm. In the initial period of flesh color, gradually darkens, acquiring black color. There are no pain sensations, only a mild itching.
    Any negative external factors can provoke the degeneration of benign warts into malignant formation, so a specialist should be engaged in treatment and removal of warts on the face.

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    Treatment for warts on face

    Diagnosis of facial warts is not a complicated process. But the exclusion of malignant education should confirm the dermatologist. The conclusion gives a microscopic examination of scrapings, and in controversial cases - a biopsy.

    The healing process is based on the destructive principle of lesions by methods:

    • using antiviral drugs;
    • by the method of destructive chemotherapy.
    When starting warts treatment on the face, it is necessary to undergo an immunological examination of the blood, which will help in selecting the most effective medicament preparations. As external agents are prescribed ointments, creams and applications from preparations containing:

    • pherazole;
    • is tripolarucous;
    • retinoic and salicylic acid;
    • "Fluorouracil" is an antitumor drug in the form of ointment and cream;
    • for immunotherapy - immunomodulator "Imiquimod".
    Drug medications that completely relieve of facial warts are not. Periodically, the outgrowth can manifest itself again and again at each favorable event.

    Warts can be removed only in a radical way:

    • by layer-by-layer cutting with laser exposure;
    • by cauterization with diathermocoagulation;
    • by freezing cryodestruction method;
    • removal by high temperature heating using electrocoagulation.
    • conventional surgical excision with subsequent cosmetic plastic.
    To find the appropriate method of removal, the attending physician will help.

    As a result of multiple studies, and taking into account the research of foreign colleagues, the treatment of warts on the face in children should be based on expectant tactics. When puberty is reached, warty neoplasms must pass by themselves.

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