Causes of apathy: why does this state occur in women and how to deal with it

  • Causes of apathy: why does this state occur in women and how to deal with it

    Life is beautiful and it needs to be rejuvenated every day, but there are times when you do not want anything, you have no mood for anything and it seems that the last forces are leaving. All this is a state of apathy.

    This concept came to psychiatry from philosophy, and it meant detachment from what was happening, and complete tranquility. In medicine, apathy is called indifference to all events, indifference to family and friends, loss of interest in life.

    Often this disease occurs in those who live very well and receive everything from life in large quantities. In such people, it begins with ordinary boredom, but ends with a complete lack of interest in life itself. But from this disease, neither children, nor happy people, nor those on whom failures are showered are insured.

    Usually, a victim of apathy can not understand what exactly triggered the onset of this illness. Everything becomes sad, when, with indifference to others, people lose interest in themselves. Anyone who has fallen into the network of this disease ceases to enjoy the little things( the sun, the smiles of relatives), communicate with family and friends, no longer surrenders to dreams of the future and tries to close in on itself. Life simply turns into gray, dull, slowly current days.

    Causes of apathy

    • overwork( from prolonged exercise the body simply can not perceive life in bright colors);
    • hard work( too much communication or responsibility, transfer of other people's problems to themselves, all words and emotions from strangers are taken too close to heart);
    • disease( body fatigue after fighting infection);
    • a long stressful period in life( heavy relationships, unhealthy situation in the family, quarrels with friends, malicious boss, open fraud);
    • brain damage( long-term traumatic brain injury or some kind of disease);
    • monotony of life.

    If a person has undergone this disease, it can be seen from the following symptoms:

    • laziness;
    • closed;
    • constant sadness;
    • indifference to current events;
    • desire to reduce communication with everyone to a minimum;
    • lack of initiative.

    Timely signs of this ailment will help to cope with it at an early stage.

    Those who are particularly interested in: "Why does apathy occur in women and how to deal with it?", It is not necessary to single out the beautiful ladies in a separate category of victims. The only difference is that in girls the disease can be caused( besides the main reasons) by unhappy love, when a storm of emotions rushes inside, there is a struggle of love with hatred and pregnancy, accompanied by fatigue, drowsiness and unwillingness to do anything.

    Well, treatment( without medical intervention at an early stage) will be the same for everyone. To do this, you simply need:

    • to give yourself time;
    • to diversify the mode of the day;
    • change the route to work;
    • engage in psychoanalysis( try to understand everything that happens);
    • change the diet;
    • go to the cinema( theater, museum, exhibition, etc.);
    • eat something delicious, not thinking about the figure;
    • take a bathroom;
    • go to the spa;
    • make yourself a present;
    • to think about what you want to do for yourself( not useful, but just enjoyable);
    • come up with a hobby;
    • read a good book( watch a movie or listen to music);
    • take a vacation, sick leave or a day off.

    If from the prevailing situation the output is not found, and apathy continues to progress, then you need to contact a specialist. He will examine and prescribe a treatment, it can be hypnosis or some kind of antidepressant. When taking the pills, do not rely on their immediate action, to produce the result you need time.

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