How to reconcile with your beloved - how to reconcile correctly

  • How to reconcile with your beloved - how to reconcile correctly

    All pairs sometimes quarrel, and then reconcile. The reasons are very different, any little thing can be the reason for disagreements. Often our psychological health leaves much to be desired. On such days, we break on the first one, most often they are the favorite person. It is clear that you are bad, but your beloved is not to blame for this. Few men will understand and forgive bitter and offensive words, even if they were thrown rashly. How to correct the situation? How to reconcile with your beloved? There are many ways. Let's look at at least three of them: classic, non-standard and compromise.


    Classic way of reconciliation with your favorite

    You acknowledge your guilt and feel the urgent need to apologize to your loved one. You can undoubtedly use the phone and say a trivial: "I'm sorry, I was not right", but you can think of something more interesting.

    1. Write your favorite message. It is best to write in your own words, but if you have mixed up in your head, then use the services of the Internet and find in its open spaces a suitable rhyme or explanation. You can write lines from your common favorite song or favorite phrase( each pair has such a secret expression, after which the warm and friendly atmosphere always reigns).The task is to induce your loved one to respond to the message. He can call, write, but the main thing is to answer. After the first message, silence? Send the second, even warmer, tender, disturbing soul.
    2. Email by Send him a postcard with an apology on the e-mail. You can make your postcard from your joint photos or choose from a huge assortment of e-cards presented on the sites. You can write something warm under it that will melt its offense and make you forgive.
    3. Ask for forgiveness by radio. Recently, it has become very popular - to show your feelings in public. It's very nice to hear: "And for such and such something, the next song from his beloved girl will sound, which sincerely regrets about what happened and asks to forgive her."Who will not forgive after this? Alternatively, you can independently call on the radio and through the air to connect with your beloved. DJs are always happy to help arrange a show. In addition, your loved one, for sure, will be pleased to realize that his beloved will stop at nothing to reconcile with him.
    4. Have a romantic evening and organize candlelight dinner. Throughout the apartment you can place love notes, one of which, the most passionate, put under the pillow. It's always nice to hear and hear once again that you are loved, appreciated and respected, that they value you.


    Ask for forgiveness

    Having decided who is right and who is to blame, and realizing that the reason is still in you, you often do not want to take the first step towards reconciliation. How to make it the first step toward reconciliation?

    1. Ask him for forgiveness for everything that you had bad at all. For all the turmoil and controversy, for everything bad and for all good, for all thoughts, deeds, actions. Then forgive and you are for it all. Recall all the cases from your life together and forgive. Arrange yourself an "evening of forgiveness."
    2. Try to concentrate all your love, all tenderness in one ball, momentum, energy ray and send it to your loved one mentally. Try very hard, otherwise nothing will happen. Only sincere feelings can be felt from a distance.
    3. Make up with your beloved in your imagination. Imagine your first meeting or another after a fight. Consider your beloved in all the hypostases, let your feelings and emotions reborn. Develop an imaginary date, imagine what you are doing, and how it ends.


    Give your favorite gifts

    Some couples are looking for advice on how to avoid abuse and quarrels.

    1. Arrange with your loved one about the password word, when you say it, both of you should be silenced for a minute. For example, the word "sun" or some special word for your pair. Couples who have done this in practice, say that after this pause, the desire to swear disappears.
    2. Set the timeframes for quarrels, which do not include the evening. In the evening, it is strictly forbidden to quarrel. A healthy sleep is very important for the proper functioning of the body.
    3. More often make each other pleasant surprises. Give all sorts of nice little things or just leave love messages. The only "I Love", sincerely written and read in the morning, will give a charge of vivacity and a good mood for the whole day.

    Remember that the most important thing in a relationship is love and respect. Appreciate each other and do not be afraid to show your feelings. Scientists say that kisses prevent the development of caries, and frequent "hugs" contribute to the proper operation of the cardiovascular system. Good mood - it's so cool! Let's not upset each other!