• Warts on the hands: photo, causes and treatment at home

    Warts on the hands are dense, rising above the healthy skin lesions ranging from 1 to 10 mm.

    Usually have an outstretched shape. Most often, the warts look rough and smooth, from normal skin color they practically do not differ.

    When you touch the wart, pain is usually not felt. Education on the skin has a network structure.

    When removing warts, especially without the help of specialists, on the palm and near the nail the black dots that are the remains of the dried blood from the capillaries become prominent.

    Many patients with warts rarely get one education, most often they are grouped. Warts are considered especially contagious on the hands and fingers.

    Causes of warts on the hands and fingers

    Warts appearing on the hands, almost always appear due to the influence of internal or external factors. The external reason is the penetration into the human body of the papilloma virus. To infect yourself with this virus is very simple, enough damage to the mucosa, microtrauma.
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    In this case, the papilloma virus for a long period of time may not manifest itself in any way, and you may not even detect its appearance, since it is in the incubation period.

    Since the human papillomavirus virus can be infected almost anywhere, it is very difficult to detect the time of infection to them.

    Especially dangerous are the following infection routes:

    1. 1) Through personal contact with the carrier of the virus, as well as by touching the hands of a patient with a papilloma virus.
    2. 2) Through the use of various items of personal hygiene patient - soap, towels, toothbrushes. It's enough just to touch the surface, which was touched by a patient with warts, and you can already get infected.
    3. 3) In public places, such as sinks and bathrooms, the papilloma virus is quite contagious.
    4. 4) Cooking with any devices covered with bacteria of the virus is also dangerous for infection. Warts on your hands are contagious. Especially sensitive to these outgrowths, our body becomes with the weakening of the protective functions of the body. Provoke a lowering of immunity can:

      • hypothermia of the body.
      • wrong power supply.
      • stressful situations at work or at home.
      • is a negative state of the environment.
      • excessive use of medications for other purposes, frequent colds, pharyngitis.
      As the resistance of the organism decreases, the viruses of the papilloma are awakened and begin to pour out in the form of new formations on the skin. You can only touch the infected place, rub the callus, and already get infected.

      For the child's body manifestations in the form of warts especially clearly demonstrate the lack of necessary macro- and microelements in the body. Warts on the fingers usually appear more often than elsewhere( see the causes of warts on the face), since the arms are the most frequently injured surface of the body! In addition, contacts with patients occur just through handshakes, touching hands.

      Symptoms of warts on the hands

      Warts on the arms rise above the surface of the skin in the form of dense formations.

      Often patients are concerned about simple warts. Basically they appear not individually, but in groups, although there are cases of their single occurrence.

      Whether to understand the wart or not, the symptoms such as

      • will also help: no pain.
      • black dots.
      • no skin on the wart. Warts on the hands can manifest themselves in different ways. Sometimes they increase in size over time, sometimes they pass independently, and sometimes remain unchanged.

        See also how the plantar wart looks.

        Treatment of warts on the hands

        Having found a tumor similar to a wart, many of us tend to remove it immediately. However, this should not be done, because a simple wart on the fingers may not be a very simple disease.

        You can not cut the affected skin, because, thus, the wart can not only grow back, but also become larger in volume.

        There are several ways to get rid of warts on your hands. Let's note for the beginning that these formations on the skin are not a simple disease, and the preparations do not always prove successful in combating them. You can get rid of warts at once, they can disappear on their own, and sometimes you need a long treatment time.

        It is necessary to begin, first of all, with strengthening of own protective functions. Start with proper nutrition, taking vitamins by courses, using natural immunomodulators. All these funds must be periodically re-applied, especially if there are persistent remissions of warts.

        Note that none of the existing method of treatment of warts on the hands allows you to remove the human papillomavirus from the body completely. Usually, one should strengthen immunity, and not self-medicate. Since warts are benign, they are not so safe for us, bringing a lot of aesthetic discomfort.

        Warts themselves pass for 2 years in half the cases. In particular, such a disappearance of the disease is characteristic of childhood. According to statistics, even a well-chosen treatment is several variants of the development of the disease:

        • warts sometimes completely disappear from the beginning of therapy;
        • , depending on the treatment they are undergoing;
        • and the third option, when, even despite the ongoing therapy, the growths do not go anyway.

        How to get warts on your hands at home?

        There are several methods of treatment, including conservative and surgical.

        Conservative methods are mainly represented by ointments, creams and applications, as well as antiviral drugs.

        1. 1) Usually, a remedy with salicylic acid is used to exclude warts. However, for optimal results, you should hold hands in hot water for about ten minutes. Then the skin becomes dry and a little cream or ointment should be applied to the affected area. Up is a bandage.
        2. 2) Vartek, Solkoderma, Ferezol, Verrukatsid are the most popular cauterizing solutions and wart cream.
        3. 3) A simple but effective method of removing warts is the use of vitamin A. You need to take a liquid vitamin solution or pierce the capsule with a needle, then a little means rub into the affected area. The duration of the procedures until recovery is up to 6 months.
        4. 4) Iodine is an easy method to burn a wart on your arm! The tincture has an antimicrobial effect, iodine perfectly burns the desired area with prolonged use. Apply it for a week to 2 times a day.
        5. 5) Plaster from warts with salicylic acid "Mediplast".Will remove problems in just a month! However, fixing the plaster on the wart is not so simple. Apply it during sleep, applying a bandage on top, thus, the optimal result is guaranteed.
        6. 6) Internal strengthening of immunity. In addition to external drugs, immunomodulators should also be used. They increase the immunity of the skin and mucous membranes. It is best to start with such drugs as Vitrum, Perfectil."Isoprinosine" - tablets, which have immunostimulating action. The last drug is used in courses of 2 tablets three times a day for two weeks.
        7. 7) Electric current. A point charge starts to damage the wart, after which it dies. In addition, the method is effective because the virus does not penetrate into damaged tissues. Start treatment should be at a time, then there will be no scarring on the skin.
        8. 8) Laser treatment. The most effective, fastest and safest way to get rid of warts.
        9. 9) Surgical intervention. Recommended for complex and large growths. The wart is cut out to the full depth, after that the doctor sews up the place of the cut. This method can not exclude the possibility of repeated infection with the papilloma virus.
        10. 10) Cryotherapy. The procedure involves burning the tissue with liquid nitrogen. Absolutely painless process, scars on the skin after cryotherapy do not remain.
        However, there is a problem in that it is impossible to control the exact depth of nitrogen penetration. Because of this, if there is a lack of freezing, the procedure will need to be repeated, and if there is excessive frost, a visible scar appears.

        When you consult a specialist, you can apply folk methods of treatment. The most effective is the burning of build-up with garlic, castor oil, aloe, wormwood, vinegar, apple juice, thyme.

        There is a lot of useful tools, we are sure that one of them will suit you! Equally effective were conspiracies and prayers as the help of higher forces.

        How to avoid infection?

        Because the human papilloma virus exists everywhere, you should protect yourself from it. Use only your hygiene products, after shaking hands, traveling in transport and visiting the bathroom use a special antibacterial lotion( sold in any pharmacy).

        In addition to external control, it is necessary to strengthen the immunity from within. Without consulting a doctor, normalize your diet. In the daily diet must necessarily be fruits, vegetables, water, meat and fish. We will not re-remind you of the need to have no bad habits.

        Be sure to rest well, avoid stressful situations, it is important to go to the sea resorts every year. In addition, it is recommended to use immunomodulating preparations with plant origin - echinacea, esberitox, etc. Be healthy, and let the warts forever remain in the past!

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