Ducane Diet: the permitted products, the stages of the diet( attack, cruise, alternation)

  • Ducane Diet: the permitted products, the stages of the diet( attack, cruise, alternation)

    Ducant Diet: the approved products and 4 stages of the famous diet

    The Ducane diet is very effective, the allowed products of which not only help to lose weight, but also do not feel hungry. The diet consists of 4 important stages, including all the necessary products, which can be consumed in the usual amount for themselves.

    Stage one

    Weight loss begins with a small, but acute phase, called an attack. During the phase, only protein products are recommended, which will help to lose up to 6 kilograms. Such a stage can not be spent more than 10 days.

    "Attack" products:

    1. Meat without fat: young beef, horse meat, rabbit meat. It is very rare to have pork with a low percentage of fat;
    2. Chicken and beef giblets;
    3. Poultry meat without skin. It is forbidden to eat goose meat and ducks;
    4. Lenten ham;
    5. Fish prepared in all ways;
    6. Any mollusks and crustaceans;
    7. Egg white and not more than 2 yolks per day;
    8. Fully nonfat products.

    The main condition for cooking food is the complete absence of fats during cooking.

    It is also necessary during the day to drink two liters of liquid and eat 1.5 tablespoons of bran from oatmeal or buckwheat. It is very useful to walk outdoors for about 20 minutes.

    Stage two

    The second stage, called "cruise", consisting of alternating proteins and vegetables, can last up to six months. Alternation consists of protein products of the first part of the diet and favorite vegetables that do not contain starch.

    Recommended vegetable products:

    1. Any cabbage;
    2. Various mushrooms;
    3. Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes;
    4. Courgettes, eggplant, pumpkin;
    5. Any onion, pepper;
    6. Beans, peas;
    7. Fennel, asparagus, spinach;
    8. Radish;
    9. Endive;
    10. Salad;
    11. A small amount of carrots and beets.

    To dilute the menu, you can add more than a spoonful of ketchup or a package of soy and skim yogurt once a day to the dishes.

    You can prepare the products with the addition of vinegar, spices, herbs, sweetener, salt, mustard, soy sauce, lemon, gelatin and agar-agar.

    In addition to the products listed, you just need to eat 2 tablespoons of oat bran or buckwheat and drink 2 liters of clean water in one day. Walking should be no less than half an hour.

    The third stage of

    At this stage, the result is fixed.

    New products:

    1. 2 pieces of whole grain bread;
    2. A small piece of Russian or Dutch cheese;
    3. Unsweetened fruit is not more than 200 grams or a cup of fresh berries or a slice of watermelon;
    4. Meat of lamb, pork and bacon, several times a week.

    At this stage you can pamper your body with any starch vegetable once a week and one festive dinner. Also, you should decide for yourself with a permanent protein day, which will not allow you to return an extra kilogram. A mini-attack should be conducted in the middle of the week, for example, on Thursday.

    Bran can be eaten 2.5 spoons a day, and you need to walk for minutes 25.

    The final stage of

    The stabilization of the diet consists of several rules:

    1. Continue to eat proteins and vegetables every day in any quantity. Every day you can eat fruit, rye bread, cheese and starchy vegetables;
    2. Dedicate one day to protein products;
    3. Continue to drink about 2 bottles of water per day;
    4. Daily walks in the air for 20 minutes at a time;
    5. Eat a day 3 tablespoons of bran;
    6. Try to walk more.

    And most importantly: do not forget about physical activities and exercise. It will be great if daily walks or jogging will become a pleasant and useful habit. It is advisable to neglect alcohol, but if it does get into the body, it can be neutralized by sports.

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