As a man grow long hair quickly and easily: 10 rules

  • As a man grow long hair quickly and easily: 10 rules

    Long healthy hair can become a natural decoration and a bright detail of the image of not only an elegant lady, but also a stylish man. In addition to today, long haircuts, as well as hairstyles with an elongated bang are dictated by fashion trends. However, to grow hair, both a woman and a man, is not easy enough.

    This article will discuss how a man can quickly grow long hair. Namely, negative factors that slow down hair growth will be identified, and ways of fighting them will be indicated. Also, recommendations for caring for hair and advice will be presented, the following will contribute to its growth.

    What should I avoid?

    Before the strong sex begins the process of growing long hair, it is necessary to get rid of those negative factors that affect health and their growth, if possible. Namely:

    1) Wrong hair care, due to which the hair roots do not get the right amount of vitamins, because of what the hair becomes dull and brittle. Therefore, you should wash your hair with quality shampoos and only those that correspond to the type of hair and are designed to wash men's hair.

    2) Unbalanced nutrition, which leads to the fact that hair follicles responsible for hair growth, do not receive proper nutrients. Therefore, to accelerate the rate of hair growth, it is necessary that the diet contains foods high in protein: fish, meat, dairy products. You can also take vitamins, specifically designed to nourish hair follicles.

    3) The negative impact of environmental factors and stresses also adversely affect the condition and health of the hair.

    4) Various existing diseases, as a rule, lead to slowing down of hair growth or even to their loss. Therefore, before embarking on hair growing, we must get rid of the existing problems.

    Adequate factors

    In order to correctly plan the process of growing long hair, you need to follow some tips developed and tested by specialists. Following these tips will ensure that noticeable results are obtained soon after the process of hair growing has begun.

    1) First of all, you need to choose a shampoo in accordance with the type of hair. Preference should be given to shampoos, which include natural ingredients, and there is no alkali. After each washing of the head, you can use special nourishing masks, lotions, serums, whose action is aimed at strengthening and stimulating hair growth.

    2) In order to ensure a good blood supply to the hair follicles, it is recommended to do scalp massage. Thanks to the massage, blood circulation will increase, and the roots will be easier to get oxygen and useful substances.

    Masks for the growth of curls

    Perfectly promotes the growth of hair using nutritious masks at home. They can be made according to several recipes.
    a) First, on a large grater, grate the onion and mix with honey in a ratio of 1 to 4, where 4 is the onion, and 1 is honey. The resulting mixture should be infused in a dark place for an hour, then rub the hair immediately after washing.

    After that, the head must always be wrapped in a towel and look like an hour. Then the hair should be washed with warm water. It is recommended to use this mask not more often than once in two weeks.

    b) First of all, the yeast cube should be melted on a steam bath, then mix the mass with a teaspoon of honey and one glass of kefir. Then the mixture should be left in a dark place to infuse for an hour. Next, the mask should be applied to the roots of the hair and the hair along the entire length, then wrap the head with a towel and after forty minutes wash the head.

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