Darsonval from acne: photos before and after, reviews, whether it helps

  • Darsonval from acne: photos before and after, reviews, whether it helps

    To date, in addition to ointments, medicines and masks, a more interesting method of treatment has appeared, more precisely, darsonval, the use of which will help to get rid of acne. Darsonval often used for physiotherapy, in the treatment of skin as an antiseptic. Currently, it is used not only by cosmetologists, it can also be bought at a pharmacy for home use.

    How the process of treatment of acne on the face of darsonvalem

    This procedure is carried out twice a day for about five minutes. At the initial stage, with low current, we drive the darsonval over the cleansed and dried face, and hold up for about five seconds where there are already pimples or where the pimple is just about to mature, just hold the device over the ripening subcutaneous pimples, this will definitely relieve the inflammation. In general, this process should last no more than five minutes. After treatment with darsonval, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer to the skin.

    During treatment with darsonval, do not touch other metal surfaces - this can be used to get a discharge by current.

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    Reviews of Darsonval

    What girls say, who have already tried this miracle machine.

    Anyutka: "I use darsonval at home for about a year, I was given it for my birthday. Wonderful and multifunctional apparatus. Not only helps treat pimples, but also has a tightening effect on the skin, very good prevention of age-related changes, can heal hair loss. I believe that such a device should be in every girl's arsenal. "

    Vyacheslav:" This tool helped my acquaintances. I thought about buying this device for myself. Only guys, more accurately with electricity, beauty is beauty, and life is above all. "

    Anastasia:" I've been using darsonval for several years already. How much does it help with acne? As a whole saves, but still, do not forget that the treatment of acne should be approached in a comprehensive manner. Masochki there are different, lotions. And simply using only the device, in my opinion, a simple waste of time and money. "

    Irina:" Excellent darsonval instrument. It cleanses the skin of acne and inflammation ยป


    • Before use, clean the nozzle you are going to use. To do this, moisten the cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the nozzle.
    • We begin to drive darsonvalm over a clean, dry face. There will be palpable tingle and tingle. On each device you can adjust the amperage.
    • When you finish the procedure - wash with clean water and allow the skin to dry, after which you can apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

    The result of using the device on the face is incredible. Before and after application of the device, see below. The result from the device is simply a spike.

    Does darsonval against acne help? What is recommended by the leading cosmetologists

    Of course, darsonval is considered a very effective device for fighting acne. This device is recommended for use by many dermatologists and beauticians.

    Despite the fact that the device is now available to everyone for home use and can be bought at any pharmacy, it is recommended to perform the procedure for deep cleansing of the skin of the face with darsonval, in beauty salons. Where qualified cosmetologists correctly prepare the face for cleaning, carefully treat the acne without harm to the skin and hold the final stage after the appliance. It is recommended to visit several sessions for such a face cleaning to achieve a better effect, and in seven days the first results will be visible. But do not abuse this procedure.