White-blue wedding: event design, tone and color( with photo and video)

  • White-blue wedding: event design, tone and color( with photo and video)

    The most significant event in the life of a young couple is a marriage. And the atmosphere of this holiday is very important, where the design of the color scale is important. A white-blue wedding is a special event, where you will feel clean, light and airy. After all, blue is a deep, royal color that symbolizes eternal love, and white is the color of fidelity, the main attribute of brides. Therefore, a wedding in white and blue tones will be very welcome.

    Event design, main recommendations

    • The wedding in blue and white colors harmoniously combines accessories of yellow and purple flowers.
    • The bride's dress and groom's suit can be any shades of the main colors, from azure to sapphire. You can also stay on the white classic with elements of blue tones. If the choice has stopped on a blue outfit, then white lace sleeves will perfectly complement it. A snow-white image of the bride beautifully and harmoniously complement the suit of the groom of indigo color with a light buttonhole.
    • The bouquet of the bride can be made as a mix of blue flowers or white ones, for example cloves or hyacinths, with a blue ribbon, or make a combination of two tones at the same time.
    • The decoration of the hall is the most interesting activity in preparation for the wedding, especially if it is a wedding in white and blue. Tables can be decorated with lace white or pure blue tones. If the tablecloths are white, for example from an atlas, then they will be highlighted by bluish stripes. The chairs can be decorated with white or blue covers, neatly tied with contrasting lenses. If there is inspiration, then you can put the sofas decorated with small cushions of sapphire color with snow-white embroidered patterns. The tables are well accentuated by white plates and blue glasses. Dilute the atmosphere of a vase with white flowers. To such tables, a kendi bar with cakes with blue cream and various patterns is simply necessary.
    • What a blue-white wedding without accessories. They can be blue text on a white invitation sheet. Also, a blue or blue-and-white garter is elegant for the bride's leg, a white with satin stripe cushion for the rings.
    • Do not forget that the tone of white, blue and their various combinations - a bright idea for a wedding in the nautical theme. So this is a great option for a wedding on the water, more precisely on a boat. Such an event will be stylish, bright, original. A visiting ceremony near the sea or on the beach will inspire the guests and give everyone great pleasure.

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