• How to put a compress

    Compresses have been known in medicine since ancient times. They can be warm, hot or cold. Cold compresses are often called lotions.

    Heating compress

    Good distracting and absorbing means - warming compresses. They can also be used for inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, bronchus, lungs, with otitis and arthritis. The active agent in the compress can be water 55-60 ° C, camphor oil, vegetable oils, alcohol in half with water. Instead of alcohol, diluted with water, you can use vodka.

    A warming compress consists of three layers:

    fabric( usually a multi-layer gauze) moistened with an active agent;Cellophane or oilcloth;

    thick layer of cotton wool.

    Compress is usually fastened to the body with a few turns of bandage or a warm scarf.

    Compress layers should be different in area: smaller area of ​​gauze, slightly larger( 2 cm at the edges) - cellophane;and even more - cotton wool.

    The compress is put on for 6-8 hours. It is better to carry out this procedure at night, but in this case you will have to check several times if the compress has not lost any.

    After the compress it is recommended to cover the place, on which it was put, with something warm.

    A warming compress for ear pain

    If you are in pain, otitis warming compresses are placed around the ear.

    The area of ​​the compress should be approximately from your palm.

    Fold the cheesecloth into several layers, cut out the hole for the ear.

    Moisten gauze with vodka or camphor oil and put it around the ear, then cover with cellophane, a layer of cotton wool and a cotton bandage. To compress does not lose count, a child's cap or a tight light cap can be put on the child's head.

    Hot compress

    Hot compress sometimes helps to quickly remove the pain.

    It is put the same way as the warming. Wet gauze, folded in several layers, with water, the temperature of which is 55-60 ° C. Top with cellophane or oilcloth, then a layer of cotton wool and a thick woolen cloth( scarf, scarf).

    Cold compress( lotions)

    With nasal bleeding, bruises, local inflammatory processes, with a large temperature increase, cold compresses are used, or else - lotions. If the lotions are used in a timely manner, they give good results.

    The technique of gadgets is elementary. Cloth, usually a gauze or handkerchief, is folded into several layers, moistened with cold water and applied to a sore spot.

    At elevated temperatures, a cold compress is placed on the patient's forehead. Vinegar is sometimes added to the lotion water.

    With nasal bleeding, the lotion is placed on the bridge of the nose and lateral surfaces of the nose. The colder the lot, the better. Some parents use ice.

    Put the lotion, as a rule, for 2-3 minutes. Then they should be changed, since they heat up from the body, and their effectiveness decreases. In some cases, lotions are used for an hour.