Gillian Michaels: no problem zones - a set of exercises for losing weight

  • Gillian Michaels: no problem zones - a set of exercises for losing weight

    Many women suffer from problems with excess weight, but the main problem is not even that the fat has been postponed, but that it is unevenly deposited and in places where it is most difficult to drive it away - it's the waist, buttocks, thighs. And if you are faced with such a problem, the training system Gillian Michaels "No Problem Zones" is designed just for you.

    About the "No Problem Zones" training system

    Gillian Michaels created this complex of exercises specifically to work on the problematic parts of the figure in women. It is designed for 50 minutes of intensive training a day, which is very hard for an untrained or just starting person in sports.

    Board of the coach: start training with 25 minutes a day and gradually increase the intensity and time of classes. Another way is to add one exercise from the "No Problem Zones" complex to your usual activities, and when you feel that you have mastered, you can fully go to the exercises Gillian Michaels.

    The entire course is divided into 7 parts, which, in turn, are divided into 5 exercises in 2 approaches. This construction of classes helps to accelerate the metabolism during training and some time after it.

    A lot of exercises in this system have a force direction, so you need to buy dumbbells in weight from 1.5 to 3 kg. Strength training Gillian Michaels begins with 1.5 kg and gradually transferred to shells with a lot of weight. But you can choose the initial weight of the projectile according to your sensations. You need to feel the burden, but do not feel tired from it.

    Power system from Gillian Michaels

    Developing food, Gillian Michaels takes into account all factors: the intensity of training, the amount of nutrients necessary for the body and so on. The nutrition system is built in such a way that the person grows thin, without feeling hungry and without losing a good state of health. After all, hunger and bad state of health are the main cause of diet failure.

    The system of nutrition from Gillian and the diet can not be named - this is a rational diet, aimed at losing weight. The diet consists of three main meals and snacks. Prohibited foods that should be excluded entirely from food, very little, and these are really foods that are completely unnecessary to our body. There is a category of products that simply need to be limited in quantity.

    The person can calculate the necessary amount of food himself, adding the amount of calories spent for each exercise, and taking 600. If you doubt that you can correctly calculate calories, use the online calculator on the Internet.

    Complex exercises from Gillian Michaels "No problem areas"

    Exercises from Gillian Michaels "No problem zones" will help you get rid of fat deposits on the abdomen and hips, flabbiness of the muscles of the hands and unnecessary folds.

    So, the set of exercises begins with a warm-up:

    1. Training always starts with a warm-up for 5 minutes. Begin to step on the spot first at a slow pace, gradually increasing the tempo and higher lifting your knees.

    2. The second warm-up exercise refers to cardio training, simulating jumping rope first at a slow pace, then gradually speed up.

    3. The third exercise: circular alternate strokes with straightened arms back and forth, imitating the mill.

    4. The fourth exercise can be called "rollers", as it mimics the movement when skating on roller skates. Jumping aside, we put the foot behind: when moving to the right, the left leg moves back and to the right, while moving to the left - the right leg moves back and to the left.

    5. The fifth and last exercise of the warm-up is jumping aside, raising your hands up.

    Next, all the warm-up exercises are repeated in the second round.

    The basic set of exercises begins with squats with a press of dumbbells up.

    The second exercise: sit-ups with a backward thrust and a press of dumbbells in the sides.

    The third exercise: squats on the other leg with a backward thrust and a press of dumbbells in the sides.

    The fourth exercise: squatting with a rise of hands forward. The arms weighed down with dumbbells must be raised completely straightened to the level of the eyes.

    The last exercise: hands with dumbbells to themselves - from themselves, while the stomach is drawn in, the knees are slightly bent, arms are fully extended when moving from the body, the movements are parallel to the floor.

    And all exercises should be repeated on the second circle.

    Strictly following the instructions of Gillian Michaels, you will soon be able to get such a body, which you dreamed about, and safely wear any clothes you like. A selection of videos on the topic of the article