• How is hemorrhoids treated after delivery?

    The postpartum period is rehabilitative - the woman's body is restored after childbirth, which can be called a kind of stress for the body.

    This period may be characterized by a slow reverse development( involution) of the uterus, inflammation of its internal membrane, postpartum bleeding or divergence of sutures. In addition, women often note that they have hemorrhoids after childbirth - treatment of this condition presents certain difficulties.

    What are the causes of its development?

    Hemorrhoids is a disease of the venous system, which is manifested by nodular dilations of the veins in the lower part of the rectum( the so-called hemorrhoidal nodes).This condition is conditioned by any conditions that lead to stagnation and high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the rectum. If a woman has hemorrhoids after delivery, treatment should begin with an impact on provoking factors, which include:

    • hereditary features of the venous walls;
    • inadequate motor activity;
    • systemic administration of certain medicines, for example, hormonal contraceptives;
    • chronic constipation;
    • is overweight;
    • pregnancy and childbirth.

    Hemorrhoids in women after childbirth develops due to the fact that during pressure, the pressure on the vein walls increases significantly, which leads to the formation of hemorrhoids, which can be located inside the intestine or externally. It is worth noting that this pathology begins to develop during pregnancy, because in this period there is a constant high intra-abdominal pressure and stagnation of blood in the vessels of the small pelvis.

    Internal hemorrhoids are behind the anal sphincter. They can not be seen, but it is this form of the disease that causes significant hemorrhoidal bleeding, so internal hemorrhoids after birth are often accompanied by posthemorrhagic anemia, which worsens the condition of a woman after childbirth and adversely affects lactation. External hemorrhoids are diagnosed easier, because they can be detected visually in the form of a halo around the anus. Outer hemorrhoids after childbirth are often combined with anal fissures, which adds unpleasant symptoms.

    Postpartum hemorrhoids clinic

    Hemorrhoids after delivery can be acute and chronically. Acute hemorrhoids are characterized by rapid development. Women begin to complain of itching, as well as a feeling of heat or burning in the anus. These symptoms of hemorrhoids after delivery increase during defecation, in addition, there is a sharp pain that gradually subsides.

    Because of this soreness, women delay the emptying, which complicates the course of hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoidal nodes increase, and the surrounding tissues swell and blush, the pain becomes permanent, prevents sitting and walking.

    Signs of hemorrhoids after childbirth, which becomes chronic, are often invisible to a woman. First, she observes a slight burning sensation in the anus of the anus after defecation or a feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine. Pain is of a periodic nature, so it does not bother.

    Diagnosis of this pathological condition is simple and is based on an overview of the anus, since every qualified proctologist knows how hemorrhoids look after delivery( external hemorrhoids look typical).To identify internal nodes, the doctor conducts a finger diagnostic examination and determines their size and quantity.

    In addition, can be used sigmoidoscopy, which refers to endoscopic examination of the rectum. Irrigoscopy is also performed - an X-ray examination, during which a special contrast solution is injected into the rectum.

    What should I do and what should I do?

    First of all, if you find any signs of hemorrhoids, you should immediately go to the doctor. Unfortunately, many women are embarrassed by this disease and are trying to cure the disease on their own, which often causes the hemorrhoids to transition to a more severe stage of development, which occurs with hemorrhoidal bleeding or inflammation of soft tissues in the perianal region.

    It should be remembered that successfully to get rid of postpartum hemorrhoids is possible only with the help of professional therapy by specialists of proctologic centers who clearly know how to cure hemorrhoids after childbirth. In order to prevent the progression of the disease, it is necessary to fight with constipation, try not to push too hard during defecations.

    With pronounced constipation, light laxatives are prescribed. It is important to stick to personal hygiene. After each evacuation of the intestine it is necessary to wash yourself with cool water or at least rub the area of ​​the anus with moist napkins.

    Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth must necessarily include careful drawing up of patients' diets. Exclude black bread, legumes and cabbage, as well as other products that contribute to the accumulation of gases in the intestine. You should also limit the amount of spices and seasonings. It is recommended to eat vegetables, lean meat and fish, fruits that contain many pectins, prunes, bakery products( only with bran or coarse fibers).

    Venous congestion helps to avoid exercise therapy. Drug treatment includes the use of laxatives, venotonic drugs, drugs that improve microcirculation, as well as the use of special local drugs from hemorrhoids. How to treat hemorrhoids after delivery, the doctor determines, depending on the form, degree and clinical signs of this pathology.

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