• Nutrition for hypotension and low blood pressure

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    Arterial pressure in hypotension often does not exceed 100/60 mm Hg, which adversely affects the overall well-being of patients. All the usual measures, as in the treatment of hypertension, under reduced pressure patients are not suitable, including drug treatment.

    A special point in the treatment of the disease is such a factor as nutrition in hypotension.

    How should I eat under reduced pressure?

    To begin with, patients with low blood pressure should adjust the diet, which should consist of 4-5 meals in small portions throughout the day. The diet for hypertension is fundamentally different from the diet under increased pressure. In the diet of patients with low blood pressure there are foods that are strictly prohibited when feeding hypertensive patients.

    So, here are the main products that increase the pressure in hypotension, which must necessarily be in the diet of hypotension:

    • Dishes with high salt content. Such a requirement for a diet is due to the fact that sodium( which has the ability to bind water in the body) is contained in a large amount in the composition of table salt( or sea) food salt. Binding of water leads to an increase in the volume of circulating blood, which automatically increases blood pressure.
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    • Dishes flavored with spices or spices( bay leaf, sweet pepper, cinnamon, cumin, basil).You can eat dishes with sauce of mustard, horseradish, raw onions, cloves. All spices can increase the activity of the endocrine glands, narrow the blood vessels, thereby increasing the pressure. The same applies to smoked dishes that can increase pressure.
    • Fatty foods( fatty meats, fish, poultry, offal, butter, fat cream, cheese).Fat has the ability to increase blood pressure, as the circulation in the bloodstream of cholesterol somewhat hampers blood flow, causing an increase in blood pressure.
    • Baking, containing high-calorie foods and carbohydrates in large quantities - high-grade flour, butter, spices, sugar, eggs. All these ingredients narrow the blood vessels, increase blood pressure and create some strain on the body, activating it.
    • Alcoholic beverages. For this purpose, fortified, sweet and semisweet wines, in which you can add rosemary( fresh or dried twigs).After that, the bottle of wine can be left for 5-7 days for infusion, after which before eating take 100-150 g.
    • Sweet, carbonated drinks. These drinks often contain caffeine and other tonic substances that can raise the pressure.
    • Products with a high content of starch. These include products such as potatoes, semolina, rice, corn, oats, buckwheat.
    • Nuts of all sorts, which contain a lot of fats and amino acids. These include walnuts, peanuts, cedar and hazelnuts.
    • Coffee, cooked before consumption. Natural coffee contains many useful minerals, especially magnesium, and vitamins that can tonicize blood vessels. To tonic drinks are also strong black tea and cocoa.
    • Some fruits, vegetables and herbs also have the ability to increase pressure. These include carrots, sorrel, pomegranates, spinach. In these products, there are many flavonoids that possess P-vitamin activity, and iron, which can participate in increasing hemoglobin. Tonic properties have such products with hypotension, such as acid apples, celery, cabbage, lettuce.
    • Some herbs can tonicize blood vessels. These include ginseng, levzeya, rhodiola rosea, lemongrass, infusions, of which coping well with reduced pressure.
    • Sprouted wheat has a good toning effect, which can be cooked at home. For this, grains are suitable, which need to be washed and layered in one or two rows on a platter. Then you need to pour wheat with water 1-1.5 cm high and cover with gauze. Put the dish in a warm place and water the wheat for 3-4 days. When the wheat appears sprouts, the dish is considered ready. It can be simply chewed in the morning for 1 tablespoon, as well as grinding in a coffee grinder, add 1 tablespoon to any dishes. Germinated wheat contains the entire set of interchangeable and essential amino acids, which have a tonic effect.
    • Honey and royal jelly have excellent properties to tone up the body. These foods can be consumed instead of sugar, adding them to all hot drinks or meals.

    No less relevant is the issue of feeding children with reduced pressure, as children, especially in adolescence, need an increased intake of vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and amino acids. These and other useful substances they need for growth and development.

    Hypotension in children occurs mainly in violation of the autonomic nervous system, so it is very important to establish a diet and diet, which has all the necessary products for growth, as well as products that tonic the body. You can eat in usual portions, but often, at least 4-5 times a day.

    The availability of adaptogens in the diet of children and adolescents is of great importance. Adaptogens are plant substances that stimulate the central and autonomic nervous systems. These include levzeya, rhodiola rosea, ginseng root, licorice root, lure tartar. Tinctures of these herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy.

    It is important for all patients with hypotension( including children) to observe the drinking regime, that is, consume the necessary amount of clean water per day. The norm of drinking water is calculated by the formula: Nx30 mg = amount of necessary water, where N is the person's weight at the moment.

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