• Use of products for voice

    Sometimes it happens that the voice disappears, this situation can happen at the most inopportune moment. Correct position will help food and eating some products.

    One of them is a fig, from which it is possible to prepare the milk of figs. For the preparation of such a drink, when boiling the milk, it is necessary to add figs to it. After boiling, everything should boil no more than 3 minutes. Then the milk is removed from the plate, cooled and ready for use. Drink fig milk follows small sips. Also, to replace the figs( if it is not available) can be dates or honey. All these products have a positive effect on the voice.

    Of drinks will be useful a variety of thick jelly. They have a good influence on the ligaments, which makes the voice become younger and higher. This drink is also recommended as a preventive measure when a long period of operation of the vocal apparatus is planned.

    To maintain the voice requires a good moisturizing of the mucous throat. This can provide a variety of products containing a large amount of liquid. In particular, the most useful will be watermelons, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes.

    Unrefined oils - linseed, olive, sesame oil - will help in preventing dryness of the mucous membrane. Daily they can be used as a salad dressing. If you plan a long performance, then the day before you can drink about a teaspoon of heated linseed oil.

    Also before an important performance you can eat a little grapes or a green apple. Due to the malic acid contained in these products, the voice begins to sound more pure. A similar effect can be achieved by rinsing the throat with a solution of salt.

    As for the common way to restore the voice of raw eggs, it is rather controversial. Firstly, it does not suit people with a sensitive stomach. Secondly, we should not exclude the possibility of infection with salmonella.

    Finally, to maintain the voicing of your voice, you need to discard some products. In particular, it is necessary to exclude from the diet all spicy food, which has a traumatic effect on the ligaments. Immediately before the performance, you should not eat foods that are high in fiber. It is also desirable to give up seeds, popcorn and cookies. The crumbs of these products can slightly scratch the mucous throat.

    Adhering to these recommendations, you can keep the voice for a long time young and sonorous.

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