• What sweets are good for health

    If you want to lose weight, one of the main recommendations is the rejection of the sweet. But whether all sweet foods will be harmful to the figure and whether to refuse them. We present a rating of three sweets that can be useful.

    1. Handmade marmalade with agar-agar or pectin. He will support those who are on a diet, but can not completely abandon the sweet. There are several varieties of marmalade - jelly, chewing, fruit-berry and jelly-fruit. It is better to follow the figure for fruity and berry. In appearance, this marmalade has a light yellowish shade, it can also be greyish-greenish. And at the break, as a rule, dark and matte. This kind of marmalade is considered the most useful and natural. It is prepared from apples or quince according to ancient technology with the addition of agar-agar or pectin. Sugar is not a delicacy, because pectin in berries and fruits is a natural sweetener. In natural marmalade there are no fats, but there is a lot of useful amino acids and vitamins. The use of this marmalade helps reduce cholesterol and helps eliminate toxins.
    2. Natural honey. Natural honey will be considered as honey, which is produced by bees from flower nectar. If sugar bees are processed by bees or honey from fruit and vegetable juices, then such a product is called unnatural. According to the sweetness, honey is superior to sugar, and by caloric content is almost equal to it. As for the carbohydrate content, about 99% of sugar contains empty calories and carbohydrates. And in honey there is a significant amount of useful substances - vitamins, phytoncides, antioxidants, microelements, amino acids and others. Also honey provides a fast sense of satiety, especially when used with green tea. It is important not to forget that when heated, this product loses its useful properties.
    3. Traditional pastille. It can be made from apples or berries. In such a classical pastil there are three components - apples( berries), egg white, as well as honey or sugar. Outwardly, this product resembles a bread roll. In the process of making apples are baked, then they are mashed for a long time and then they make plates that are dried on special canvases in the oven. After this, the plates are glued together with the help of egg white. Possible and dietary version of the pastille, which does not contain sugar, which significantly reduces its caloric value. The presence of fruit fiber in the paste has a positive effect on digestion, and also slows the absorption of cholesterol. This product does not contain fats, but there is a high content of useful carbohydrates, which makes the pastille a nutritious and nutritious product.
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