• Unusual syndromes from the world of medicine

    Medicine knows a lot of very different diseases, few of them know about some of them. Below are the most rare and unusual syndromes.

    Syndrome of an exploding head

    In fact, the head does not explode, but the person suffering from this syndrome hears crackling, noise, hum and other sounds. The pain does not occur, but there is enough inconvenience. The cause of the occurrence has not yet been revealed, but it is noticed that stress and fatigue lead to the appearance of noise. After rest and full sleep, the symptoms disappear.

    Syndrome of foreign accent

    With this syndrome, there are speech disorders that manifest themselves in the form of a change in intonation, voice of voice, placement of stresses. In other words, a person begins to talk in his native language as a stranger, which he is trying to learn.

    Since 1941, only about 50 cases of this disease have been recorded in the world, usually it developed a couple of years after brain damage. Some of these people were able to learn to speak again correctly, but most have not managed to get rid of the accent.

    Stendhal Syndrome

    A very unusual kind of mental disorder, in which a person becomes very excited, dizzy, and hallucinated when seeing objects of art. Visiting exhibitions such people is strictly prohibited!

    Family insomnia

    This disease is hereditary, they suffer only 40 families. Insomnia appears because of the development in the brain of a special area that slows down the center of sleep. As a result, a person does not sleep much, feels constant fatigue, suffers from headaches and hallucinations.

    Werewolf Syndrome

    The scientific name of the disease is hypertrichosis. With him, a person starts to grow hair everywhere, even on his face! To date, there are about 50 cases of the disease, there is reason to believe that it is inherited.

    However, scientists have already found out that injections of the testosterone hormone contribute to the loss of hair growing in the wrong places, so treatment exists.

    Insensitivity to pain

    This syndrome is more common - so, only in the US they suffer about 100 people. It would seem that there can be a better life without pain and suffering? But not everything is so simple, because the pain signals a danger. A person may not feel pain from a cut and not notice it immediately, as a result of which will lose a lot of blood.

    You can skip and the onset of the disease - starting with a sore throat in ARI, and ending with headaches with brain cancer. So this syndrome is very dangerous.

    Mobius syndrome

    Reveals from birth, and is expressed in the inability to control the muscles of the face. People with this disease can not cry, laugh, smile, move their eyes - they are completely devoid of facial expressions. Also it is difficult for them to swallow.


    This is the only syndrome that can be called good. With it, people confuse feelings - for example, "hear" images, "see" sounds. Often found in people who have lost their hearing or vision, as well as creative individuals - for example, musicians.

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