Causes of infertility in men may be different

  • Causes of infertility in men may be different

    A few decades ago, the fault for the fact that a married couple does not have children fell completely on a woman. As a rule, few people have thought that problems of infertility can affect not only women, but also men.

    After all, it was once thought that the ability of a representative of the stronger sex to intercourse speaks of his ability to fertilize.
    However, in recent years, statistics show the opposite. So, infertility is a problem that men and women face equally often.

    Causes and peculiarities of infertility in men

    To the reasons of male infertility, specialists include certain factors, as well as their combinations. Despite even the modern development of medicine, the answer to the question of whether infertility is treated in men can be ambiguous.

    After all, in about 20% of cases, it is impossible to determine the causes of such pathology. In such cases, the term "idiopathic infertility" is used by specialists. As for the treatment, the doctors do not recommend using folk recipes and herbs from infertility as an independent therapy and without proper examination.

    The possibilities of treatment directly depend on the factor that caused the pathology. Often the elimination of harmful factors leads to a gradual normalization of the results of the tests and the appearance of pregnancy.

    It should be noted that physicians distinguish several separate types of this pathology. So, primary infertility or infertility 1 degree of the cause of which were established by a specialist implies that with regular sexual intercourse, the partner never had a pregnancy.

    Secondary infertility in men is diagnosed if the patient already has children, and the problem of impossibility to conceive a child has arisen only in a specific situation. When a test for infertility in men gives a precise idea of ​​its causes, for example, if there is a violation of the natural hormonal balance or infectious diseases of the reproductive system, the effectiveness of treatment is high enough.

    The most common causes of the disease

    Among the most common causes of male infertility specialists distinguish:

    Infectious diseases

    Relatively often in the tests for infertility in men the reasons are quite simple and understandable - infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted. The most common among them experts call chlamydia.

    By the way, here also belongs infertility in men after mumps, however such pathology is revealed by physicians extremely rarely. As a rule, when an infection is identified and after appropriate treatment, infertility tests are performed repeatedly.


    Often specialists discover this cause of male infertility. In fact, varicocele - the widening of the veins of the spermatic cord around the testicle, accompanied by a pain syndrome and / or a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.

    This pathology is typical for patients of childhood and adolescence. Diagnosis of this disorder is performed visually and with the help of ultrasound. Treatment is carried out in different ways - in the early stages of non-surgical techniques, and more neglected cases can be cured only surgically.

    Disorders of the hormonal background

    A decreased level of testosterone, abnormalities in the thyroid gland, a lack or excess of some hormones can also cause infertility in men. In addition to this pathology, hormonal disorders can lead to a failure in the metabolism, resulting in the appearance of excess weight.

    Immunological Infertility

    Among all forms of pathology, this is one of the least studied. Scientists found that this type of infertility can be a consequence of a testicle injury. In case of violation of this type, antibodies to sperm are produced in the body of the man, which negatively affect its quality and become a serious obstacle to conception.

    Recent studies have identified a link between chronic prostatitis and infertility in men. As the results show, chronic prostatitis is one of the main reasons for the formation of antisperm antibodies. Moreover, chronic inflammation of the prostate causes blockade of testosterone biosynthesis in the testicles, which causes a sharp suppression of spermatogenesis.

    Sexual violations of

    The list of such reasons includes insufficient erection or its complete absence. Such a pathology requires a detailed study of all factors and an individual approach to each individual patient. In some cases, psychotherapists are involved in treatment.

    Among the causes of ejaculation disorders can be allocated excessive loads, as well as taking medications that contain male hormones. Most often this problem is revealed in athletes who use specific drugs for a sharp increase in muscle mass and physical strength, but at the same time their use reduces the function of the testicles.

    Genetic infertility

    Genetic factors occupy not the last place among the causes of the appearance of such pathology as male infertility. These include disorders of the structure of the genital organs, impaired sperm quality, azoospermia and some other changes.

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