• Drops in the nose with genyantritis are very useful

    Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the maxillary sinuses, which leads to a violation of the normal outflow of the contents from them. The main symptoms of this ailment is the separation of the nasal passages of mucus and pus, having a rather unpleasant smell, the appearance of headaches.

    Genyritis begins more often with a common cold on the background of the main viral or catarrhal disease. Already at this stage it is possible to pick up drops in the nose with genyantritis and begin treatment - this approach in most cases helps prevent complications and accelerate recovery.

    What drops from sinusitis will help

    The choice of funds for sinusitis depends on the symptoms of the disease. We must not forget that with this disease, drops are not the main treatment, but are used as an aid to alleviate the general condition of the patient. Vasoconstrictive drops against sinusitis are used for mucosal edema.

    It is not difficult to recognize edema - when swelling of the mucous membranes, the breathing process is markedly disturbed, with almost no discharge from the nose. The best remedy for the removal of the edema is the drops in the nose in the genyantritis, affecting the tone of the vessels - thanks to their formula they act for a couple of minutes, removing the edema and eliminating discomfort.

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    Perhaps the most famous vasoconstrictor in Russia for the treatment of sinusitis is Naftizin. To date, the drug can be purchased at any pharmacy, and there are many of its analogues. But, despite availability, such a remedy for sinusitis - drops, narrowing vessels, often render the body a disservice.

    The thing is that drugs of this category are quickly addictive. In order to avoid such a side effect, the drug is recommended to be used solely by instruction only, without postponing the visit to the doctor for the purpose of complete complex treatment. Do not use aggressive vasoconstrictors for more than two days without the appointment of a doctor.

    If you notice the symptoms of addiction - the drops no longer help, you should replace them with another remedy. The second significant drawback of this group of drugs is their absorption into the systemic blood flow and a negative effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system of the body.

    In modern medicine this drug is used more often simultaneously with antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs. Thanks to such a comprehensive therapy, you can achieve a cure in record time. Often, drops in the nose do not bring the expected effect only for the reason that not everyone knows how to properly dig in.

    Before you begin this procedure, you should lie on your side, and slightly toss your head back. In this case, drop the specified amount of drops into the lower nostril, and lie down in such position for a couple of minutes, then roll over to the other side and perform this manipulation on the other side.

    Types of drops in the nose

    To avoid drying out the mucous membranes of the nose, it is recommended to instill oil drops containing extracts of medicinal plants in case of genyantritis. Drugs of this type gently envelop the mucous, many of them contain natural extracts of herbs that have anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and antimicrobial effect.

    This is the best remedy for sinusitis - they can be used in both chronic and acute forms of the disease. Most of the funds on an oily basis are not addictive and can be applied as needed, some up to 5-6 times a day( before starting treatment, you need to read the instructions).

    What kind of drops for antritis on an oil-based basis to buy? Well proven themselves Sunipret and Sinoforte. Both drugs are based on natural components( cyclamen extract), do not cause addiction and allergies, are ideal for the treatment of sinusitis.

    Also a remedy for sinusitis can be done at home yourself, using folk recipes. To combat this disease, juice of many vegetables( for example, radishes and horseradish), medicinal house plants - aloe and calanchoe. You can also make drops based on onions and garlic, and honey.

    Sea water - also drops

    Complex preparations from a genyantritis do not always give such good result, as usual sea water. In any pharmacy it is not difficult to buy sprays and drops on the basis of natural sea water or usual saline. Such funds in the nose with sinusitis can be used for washing and irrigation of the mucosa.

    Washings with these medications are performed, as well as any other similar manipulations - you need to pour liquid into the nostril, then remove it. When feeling dry in the nostrils, you can use oily drops and sprays of sea water alternately. The advantage of sprays from sinusitis in front of the usual drops is a uniform irrigation of the surface of the mucosa.

    Due to this, less fluid flows outward, and the healing solution is evenly distributed throughout the mucosa. There are such funds for sinusitis, which can be used for children from a very young age, in the form of a spray, respectively, is also more convenient.

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