• What is dangerous caries

    How caries is transmitted

    The most common infectious disease on Earth is caries. Almost all people face this disease. Its main cause is the bacterium Streptococcus mutans. The bacterium turns sugar into acids, which destroy tooth enamel and dentin. Streptococcus mutans with special capsules attached to the surface of the teeth, so they are difficult to get rid of.

    Caries can be infected. According to the research, most often it is transmitted with a kiss. Also sometimes a mother infects a child. For example, when she chews food for the child.

    Special investigations of antibacterial drugs are being carried out these days, which in the future will probably be treated with caries.

    Caries and heart disease

    Streptococcus mutans, which cause caries, can cause infectious endocarditis in the body. This disease affects the heart valves. Usually streptococci live only in the oral cavity, but in rare cases it can enter the blood and reach the heart. Therefore, doctors recommend paying more attention to hygiene of the oral cavity.

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    Why chewing gum after eating

    is useful. With a weak salivation and dryness in the mouth, the probability of caries increases. Saliva is necessary for us to remove the remains of food from the surface of the teeth. She restores the enamel. Therefore chewing gum without sugar after eating is a useful exercise.

    It is known that the onset of an illness can be hereditary. But it is not yet known which gene is responsible for this. It was found that children who smoke during pregnancy mothers are more likely to suffer from tooth decay than children of women who did not have such a harmful habit during the period of bearing a child.

    This disease can cause diseases of the zhkt. For example, inflammation of the intestine. Caries often occurs in people with type 1 diabetes.

    About hidden types of the disease

    There are such species that can be found in the body only through special studies. With it, the tooth can be spoiled from the inside, but outside it will look like healthy. Therefore, for a complete examination of the teeth, additional studies should be carried out. For example, radiography. Pictures in different projections will help to detect hidden caries.

    Methods of prevention

    The modern method of preventing caries is the sealing of fissures, in which the sealant seals the fissure. This creates a barrier to the penetration of bacteria.

    Studies have shown that coconut oil in a fermented modified form significantly inhibits the growth of Streptococcus mutans. It is possible that this substance will soon appear in the composition of toothpastes.

    For prevention, it is recommended to eat cheese, since the chewing of this product promotes the formation of a film on the teeth, which reduces the harmful effects on the teeth. In cheese there are calcium and phosphorus, useful for bones.

    Scientists from Germany have proposed the release of candies that contain bacteria that kill Streptococcus mutans.

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