• A few words about hormonal contraceptives

    A study was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, in which women and men took part( totaling about 400 people).All participants were asked to undergo two tests. The first test involved studying the ability to represent an object in three dimensions( the spatial imagination was estimated), and the second test studied verbal possibilities.

    Of the participants in the study, some women did not take oral contraceptives. Contraceptive pills were taken by other participants. In this case, one part of women took single-phase oral contraceptives, and the other - three-phase. According to the results of the study and the study of spatial orientation, the best results were observed in men. But among the women there were those who showed the highest results. In particular, they were participants who took monophasic contraceptives. To such it is possible to carry hormonal preparations Yasmin, Loestrin, Silest.

    After such results, the researchers began to look for the cause and concluded that in women taking monophasic hormonal contraceptives, the concentration of the female sex hormone estrogen begins to decrease in the body. It is this hormone( according to previous studies) has a negative impact on the ability to navigate in space. Therefore, when it decreases in the body, the lady begins to better orient herself in space.

    As for verbal abilities, the best results were shown among women. It should be noted that there was no correlation between the reception of these contraceptives and this indicator. In any case, men showed worse results.

    It should be noted and some data from previous studies that concerned the reception of birth control pills. In particular, it was noted that taking such medications makes women more jealous. Also, the fact is revealed that these hormonal drugs also affect the attraction of women - they cease to show interest in courageous men.

    Oral contraceptives work on separate areas of the brain of women. For example, it was found that the use of hormonal contraceptives leads to an increase in the amount of gray matter in certain parts of the brain. In particular, the volume of this substance is increasing in the areas that are responsible for social skills, as well as related to memory. Changes that occur with men, whose second half is taking oral contraceptives, are interesting. It is noted that such men consider themselves less attractive.

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