How to restore the liver after alcohol - medicines and folk recipes

  • How to restore the liver after alcohol - medicines and folk recipes

    The question of how to restore the liver after alcohol, probably, will never lose its relevance due to frequent abuse of people drinking alcohol. To restore the correct operation of the body and for its purification from toxins, special medicines, recipes of traditional medicine and special nutrition are used.

    Adherents of non-traditional treatment claim that liver restoration is carried out while controlling the negative state and emotions. They believe that the stronger the emotional tension, the more liver health suffers. But according to the data of modern medicine, everything is completely different. The liver worsens its functions even with a banal lack of vitamins in the human body. The following manifestations of the problems in the liver work: snoring, changing the shade of the tongue to bright-burgundy, jaw pain, pain on the right in the hypochondrium and in the shoulder joints. In female representatives, an additional sign of lesion is local pain during menstruation.

    If the skin and face begin to turn yellow against the background of the listed symptoms, then there is no doubt about the pathological condition. As a rule, the body needs surgical intervention, in this connection, it will be necessary to pass medical diagnostics sooner.

    Complete restoration of the liver after alcohol can occur only if completely discarded.

    Restoration of the body can be carried out with the help of a large number of medicines, folk recipes, specially designed for the purification of the liver. At home, procedures are implemented that allow you to remove excess loads, cleanse of toxins and toxins and resume alcohol-impaired functions.

    The process of how to cure the liver after alcohol can also be exacerbated by the consequences that entail drinking alcohol - namely, a hangover. The hangover itself does not affect the functioning of the liver, but the habit of taking medications to relieve it has a strong negative effect on the organ. Such a blow can not withstand even the most healthy organism.

    Drugs for liver restoration

    Alcoholic liver disease is corrected by the use of special medications. Usually, these are hepatoprotectors, based on phospholipids. Essential phospholipids help to destroy alcohol toxins in the liver, eliminate its lesions, strengthen the body and stabilize its work. They also allow to restore hepatocytes and slow the formation of pathological formations and processes.

    The most popular and effective drugs are the following:

    • Karsil - is made on the basis of natural substance of silymarin, therefore, it has almost no side effects and contraindications.
    • Milk thistle - often appears in various dosage forms - oil, tablets, powder. It also does not cause negative effects other than individual hypersensitivity reactions.
    • Essentiale - the drug is based on the effects on the liver of phospholipids. In pharmacies, it is sold in the form of capsules or ampoules for intravenous injection.
    • Hepabene is a drug with a base on the extract of milk thistle and medicinal herbs. It can only be used with a doctor's prescription, as overdose can cause health problems.
    • Resolute - a preparation with a basis on an active substance a lipoid, it can become the reason of not strong side effect.

    This remedy should not be used alone without first consulting a physician.

    Nutrition for alcoholic liver damage

    The alcoholic liver, above all, needs proper nutrition. The doctor the gastroenterologist will help to make a suitable diet. The basic principles of nutrition for restoring the structure and functions of the liver are:

    • Drinking boiled, stewed, baked food, or cooking it for a couple. Refusal of sharp, fried, smoked food makes it possible to reduce the load on the liver and accelerate its recovery.
    • Food must be balanced and complete. It is necessary to monitor the adequate intake of proteins and carbohydrates. Simultaneously reducing the amount of fat.
    • It is recommended to eat small portions and fractional.
    • Food should not be very hot or too cold.
    • It is required to drink a lot of liquid, because it helps to remove from the liver processed substances and decomposition products.
    • In the diet must be present fruits and vegetables in large quantities. Thanks to them, the liver will quickly resume normal work after alcohol poisoning.
    • Salads made from fresh or cooked vegetables, low-fat meat, it is better to fill with sour cream with a low percentage of fat or vegetable oil.
    • Soups should be prepared using lean meat broth. A bone and fat should be excluded.

    The main rule of the diet is a complete refusal of alcohol at the time of rehabilitation. Recovery may be needed not only for alcoholics, but for ordinary people after heavy holidays and feasts. If this is not done, then complications may develop - for example, chronic pathologies, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis.

    Folk methods of liver restoration

    When answering the question how to cleanse the liver of alcohol, it is worthwhile to think about methods of folk treatment. A large number of recipes are known to resume normal body functioning after alcohol poisoning. The most effective of them are the following:

    • Honey is the best remedy for healing of the affected liver. You can use it one tablespoon three times a day, and during an exacerbation - the dosage can be increased provided that the person does not have allergic reactions to this product.
    • Juice made from burdock - allows to restore dead cells of the liver and reduces the processes of inflammation in the organ. Juice from burdock is used for one tablespoon in the process of eating, because it is quite bitter.
    • Pumpkin juice and pumpkin itself - in any form - boiled, raw, baked - helps to clean the liver of toxins and restores its functioning in a short time.
    • Lemon juice and lemon - eliminates the processes of inflammation in the body, allows you to prevent the formation of complications after the defeat, eliminates the toxic effect of alcohol and improves the overall well-being of a person.
    • Oat flakes, which are poured with boiled water from the evening and used after awakening to purify the body of alcoholic toxins.

    It is important to remember that in any situation you should not only get involved in folk medicine, especially without doctor's advice - they help only in the early stages of the defeat, and when severe poisoning it is better to seek professional help from a specialist.

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