• The health formula for office workers

    To preserve the health and at the same time a rational approach to work, scientists from the American Cornell University deduced the optimal formula. It consists in the fact that with sedentary work it is required to be interrupted every 20 minutes, after which it is necessary to stand and hold in this position for 8 minutes, and then move for two minutes. But if you follow this approach to work, there are some nuances.

    All experts agree that prolonged sedentary work can adversely affect health in the future. Therefore, in order to prevent consequences, it is sometimes necessary to resort to physical exertion during the working day.

    According to researchers, a person whose work is associated with sedentary work, should break away from the chair every 20 minutes, get up for 8 minutes and move for about 2 minutes. Stagnation for more than 10 minutes is harmful to health, this position adversely affects the condition of the spine and can lead to the development of certain diseases of the spine. Also negatively long standing affects the condition of the legs - namely, veins, in which blood begins to stagnate, which leads to varicose dilatation.

    Also, scientists note that with sedentary work and physical activity at the end of the working day, the risks of the negative impact of such a lifestyle on the state of health remain. Therefore, physical activity is especially important during the working day.

    It is best to follow the following formula: during the working day it is required to do about 16 small breaks of 2 minutes each. At this time, you can just get up from the chair and move a little, without going far. This will support the muscle system of the body in a tonus, will enable to improve the blood supply of various organs, which will positively affect the health in general.

    In addition to a favorable effect on the state of health, physical activity significantly reduces the likelihood of recruiting excess kilograms. If a person sits in one position for an hour or more, then in his body there is a decrease in the level of lipoprotein lipase. This leads to the fact that an excessive amount of calories is not burned, but is deposited in the form of fat cells.

    As you can see, the health formula for people spending their day at the office is simple - you need periodic physical activity during the working day and then the health problems will be much less.

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