Why does the risk of heart and vascular disease increase?

  • Why does the risk of heart and vascular disease increase?

    Work overtime leads to an increased risk of vascular disease( including the brain) and the heart. This conclusion was reached by scientists during the study, the results of which were published in The Lancet. They proved that prolonged sitting in the workplace and working at excess of the norm leads to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The study was conducted at University College London.

    In order to collect statistics on these diseases, scientists have studied the health status of more than 500,000 women and men for 7 years. During the study, all subjects were divided into several groups with different levels of working hours. It was found that every extra hour of labor increases the probability of a stroke by 10%, but if a person continues to work and exceeds the normal rate by 3 hours, then this risk increases by 33%.At the same time, the norm was taken as the working day at the rate of 40 hours per week.

    Simultaneously, the risk of coronary heart disease was assessed. In particular, it was found that increasing the length of the working day to 55 hours per week increases the likelihood of coronary heart disease by 13%.

    As the length of the work day increases, the person's exposure to various stresses increases, and this leads to the fact that he pays less attention to his health. Simultaneously with this additional risk factor is the low level of health, which is caused by the lack of exercise and malnutrition. Especially this applies to sedentary work, which does not promote health( in particular, the heart) and does not provide an opportunity to protect against many diseases.

    Research in this direction will be continued and scientists plan to look for a closer connection between the risk of heart disease and work features.

    What can a person do if he has to work overtime and work is sedentary? In this case, the following recommendations, which doctors give, will help.

    First, it is important to sit at the table correctly. Incorrect posture disrupts blood circulation through the vertebral artery, which can worsen the nutrition of the brain. As a result, some areas of the brain may experience hypoxia, which may result in ischemia. Speaking about the position of the body while working at the table, special attention should be paid to the correct position of the head.

    Secondly, the harm of sedentary work is that a person experiences hypodynamia. To prevent it, it is desirable to periodically do small( 2-3 minutes) breaks in the work for simple exercises( some of them can be performed sitting).

    The poor nutrition in the office also has a negative impact on health. Various snacks, unhealthy foods contribute to the deterioration of the work not only of the gastrointestinal tract, but also health in general. Adhering to these simple recommendations, you can reduce the risk of many diseases.

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