• How to treat the glands with a laser, at home

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    Tonsils( tonsils) play an active role in neutralizing infections in the human body. But if the body is weakened, then, not surviving the attack of microbes, they become inflamed( swell, blush).This process is called angina, or acute tonsillitis.

    The main symptoms of inflammation of the glands:

    • sore throat;
    • difficulty swallowing;
    • disturbed breathing;
    • general weakness.

    If the time does not determine how to treat tonsils, then the disease can lead to serious complications.

    Medical treatment of glands

    There are two ways how to cure glands: therapeutic and surgical.

    Among therapeutic agents, one of the known methods is the washing of the glands. This procedure is carried out in almost every clinic. For washing, an ordinary syringe is usually used, but with a special tip. Enter the tip into the tonsils and pour in the healing solution.

    This method is much better than ordinary rinsing, but it also has several disadvantages:

    • can not get the farthest channels;
    • instagram viewer
    • is not completely cleansed;
    • , an injection can occur during the injection of the syringe.

    The last item on this list can lead to the formation of scars, which in turn leads to a decrease in the functionality of the tonsils.

    As a rule, the surgical method is used only if the therapeutic methods have not shown tangible results.

    The surgical route involves the complete or partial removal of tonsils. Usually several symptoms serve as an indication for removal:

    • frequent cases of purulent sore throat( more than 2 times a year);
    • recurrent tonsillitis( with high fever);
    • complications after sore throat.

    This operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. And after the surgery, the patient must be laid on his side. After the first day, you can drink water, but only cold and small sips.

    The next week after the operation you need to eat liquid and by no means hot food. After 4-5 days after removal of the glands, the patient is discharged and transferred to outpatient treatment.

    But it is especially difficult for patients with renal or heart failure, hemophilia or angina pectoris, severe diabetes mellitus or acute infectious diseases, active tuberculosis or menses, pregnant in the third trimester: other methods are used here.

    Treatment of glands with laser

    One of the most gentle methods for removing tonsils( glands) is considered partial removal of glands by laser. This procedure is carried out only in specialized clinics with the help of the most modern equipment. This can be an ultrasonic scalpel, and an infrared or carbon laser.

    This procedure guarantees a minimum level of injury to surrounding tissue glands, prevents the risk of bleeding and reduces the pain syndrome after surgery. The patient usually quickly enough to return work capacity.

    Folk remedies for the disease

    In addition to surgical and therapeutic treatment, of course, many patients use methods of traditional medicine. These include heating, compresses and washing of the glands. To do this, use infusions from all sorts of herbs.

    In any case, no one wants to immediately agree to remove the glands - perhaps, after learning how to treat the tonsils with decoction of herbs, you will get rid of your ailment. Most importantly, do not forget to consult a doctor.

    So, how can treatment of glands at home be treated?

    1. We drink aloe and honey juice in a ratio of 1: 3.By this means on an empty stomach we lubricate the tonsils every day for two weeks, then another two weeks, but in a day.
    2. Another tool for lubricating glands is a mixture of tinctures of propolis and oil.
    3. Take 1 cup of kefir, add 1 teaspoon of syrup from the hips, squeeze juice of half a lemon and 2 tablespoons of beet juice. Drink inside the prepared preparation twice a day for two tablespoons.
    4. It is useful to do a special massage: massage the front of the neck, while lifting the chin slightly, the lines from the lower jaw to the chest.
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