• Chronic tonsillitis: symptoms of the course of the disease

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    In the human body there are 7 small organs, consisting of clusters of lymphoid tissue - tonsils. Palatine tonsils - a paired organ, they are also called glands. They are most often prone to inflammatory diseases.

    After the angina, tonsils can not restore their function completely, become "loose."On the glands there are white spots - accumulations of lacunar contents. With persistent sore throats or improper treatment, chronic tonsillitis symptoms may occur which are known to many.

    Tonsillitis is of two types:

    • Chronic compensated tonsillitis;
    • Chronic decompensated tonsillitis.

    How the disease proceeds

    With compensated tonsillitis, a person often suffers from tonsillitis, but tonsils retain their protective properties and there is no irreversible change. With decompensated chronic tonsillitis, frequent purulent tonsillitis leads to tissue destruction, the emergence of foci of chronic inflammation and the emergence of complications from chronic intoxication of the body.

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    For an adult, this disease is less dangerous than for a child. However, this does not mean that an adult is not necessarily to be treated - just to children's tonsillitis and tonsillitis should be special attention.

    Symptoms and causes of chronic tonsillitis

    • Sore throat;
    • Feeling of a coma in the throat;
    • Unpleasant odor from the mouth;
    • Appearance of caseous plugs and a deposit on tonsils.

    The first symptom of compensated and decompensated tonsillitis is the frequent repetition of episodes of angina. Angina is not just a disease, but an acute stage of tonsillitis.

    Provoke the disease can hypothermia, eating ice cream or cold drinks, reducing immunity. After the illness, weakness remains, the temperature can be kept at the subfertile level, changes in the clinical analysis of blood( leukocytosis and an increase in the level of ESR) and urine( there are traces of protein) are observed.

    Treatments for sore throats become more difficult, dryness in the throat, an unpleasant odor from the tonsils appears. When the form is decompensated, a paratonsillar abscess is added to the aforementioned signs. Tonsillitis can provoke a debut of such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, other systemic diseases, post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis, complications in the heart.

    If you suspected signs of chronic tonsillitis, consult a specialist in ENT, for detailed examination and timely treatment.

    For the diagnosis of chronic tonsillitis the following criteria are used:

    • Reddening and consolidation similar to the roller on the edges of the palatine arch;
    • Appearance of cicatricial adhesions between palatine arches and glands;
    • Caseous plugs and a branch of liquid pus from the lacunae of the tonsils;
    • The tonsils become loosened, seals and scar changes appear;
    • Submandibular lymph nodes increase in size.

    Methods of treatment of

    There are very few effective ways to treat tonsillitis. In chronic processes in the glands, lymphoid tissue is gradually replaced with scar tissue. Under such conditions, various bacteria actively start to multiply, the inflammatory process progresses, the body undergoes severe intoxication, which leads to weakness and increased fatigue.

    Hazards are exposed to all the mucosal upper respiratory tract, therefore the treatment elements should cover these organs. Nose is useful to periodically wash with saline( for example, sprays Humer, Salin).The throat can be irrigated with antibacterial sprays or rassasyvat special lollipops.

    Shows washing of lacunae of tonsils, rinsing of throat, lubrication with chlorophyllipt or lugol. This will help relieve the appearance of chronic tonsillitis, the symptoms of which bring a lot of discomfort.

    When chronic pharyngitis is attached to the chronic process in the amygdala, attention should be paid to treating both diseases at once. This is done to prevent the flow of one process to another.

    An important link in overcoming tonsillitis is maintaining the level of immunity, preventing relapses.

    Preventive maintenance will save health!

    The best prevention of the onset of chronic tonsillitis is timely treatment of angina. In case of illness, symptomatic treatment is shown - painkillers, rinses with salt and soda solution, alkaline drink. Sanatorium-and-spa treatment is also useful.

    Patients should regularly visit an otolaryngologist, conduct preventive washing of lacunae of tonsils, avoid contact with the patient, during seasonal epidemics of influenza and ARVI.

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