• The causes of gastritis are severe for different types of disease

    Gastritis occurs due to the inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa. The disease may not be limited to this and go to the 12-colon, in this case the disease will be called gastroduodenitis.

    Causes can be varied, and as a rule, several of them cause the disease simultaneously. Distinguish the disease by the degree of occurrence - acute, which appears suddenly, and chronic, which appears due to untreated acute gastritis.

    Causes of acute gastritis - the intake of a large amount of alcohol, unusual food, poisoning some mushrooms or poisons. You can identify factors such as the intake of certain medications and the use of products with expired shelf life, infected with bacteria( staphylococcus, Yersinia).

    It is proven that the consequence of acute gastritis can be stressful situations and the inability of a person to respond to them correctly. This feature was revealed by psychologists and called it a low stress resistance.

    Causes of the disease in children

    When the disease is gastritis in children, the causes are the same as in adults, except for drinking alcohol. Children more often than adults violate the hygiene regime - they do not wash their hands before eating, eat with dirty hands on the street, chew chewing gum, shifting it from hand to mouth. Children badly chew food, as in childhood, there is a change of milk teeth to permanent.

    In this regard, the risk of parasitic infection increases, which is another cause of gastritis in children. Children suffer from the disease along with diseases of the intestine and other digestive organs, they often have dysbacteriosis, gastroduodenitis, cholecystitis. By the degree of gastric juice production, all gastritis is divided into diseases with high acidity, and also with a reduced and normal secretory function.

    Causes of gastritis with high acidity

    Gastritis with high acidity - the causes are the same, the overeating factor is added, as well as eating a large amount of fast food with preservatives, stabilizers, dyes. Disease can arise as a consequence of work in harmful production( chemical plant).Gastritis with high acidity often occurs in young people, rather than in adults. It can manifest itself in different parts of the stomach and manifest itself differently, depending on the site of localization.

    In addition to external signs, the consequence of gastritis with high acidity can become internal causes. It can be concomitant diseases - endocrine pathology, genetic disorders, the presence of fungal and parasitic infection, prolonged hypoxia of stomach tissues, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

    Causes of reflux of gastritis

    When the disease is reflux gastritis, the causes are hidden in the pyloric insufficiency of the stomach and the place of transition from the esophagus to the stomach. This form of gastritis is rarely taken seriously, as it is manifested by ingestion of food from the stomach into the esophagus with eructation. Patients often write off this symptom to the fact that they overeat and the lack of enzymatic activity of the body. Independently take funds that help the stomach to digest food( mezim, creon, pancreatin) and for a long time do not go to the doctor.

    The constant release of the contents of the stomach or bile in the stomach sooner or later leads to inflammatory processes with all the ensuing consequences. With this form of the disease, symptoms become more pronounced over time and grow rapidly.

    Causes of atrophic gastritis

    When the disease is atrophic gastritis, the causes of the onset are classic, often layered one after another, eventually causing severe damage to the mucosa with a violation of the secretory function of the stomach. The disease occurs more often in the elderly than in the young.

    Ultimately, the cause of atrophic gastritis is full or partial atrophy of the glands and parietal cells that produce hydrochloric acid, pepsin, enzymes in the stomach. Atrophic changes can be either small-focal or generalized. A chain reaction develops: in view of the partial lesion of some glands, other glands and cells take the load, which, failing to load, give up their positions and atrophy.

    Causes of hyperplastic form

    When the disease is hyperplastic gastritis, the causes differ little from traditional ones. The same bad food, non-compliance with the regime, bad habits. With one difference - all the reasons in the aggregate can lead to the formation of precancerous and cancerous diseases. The fact is that the cause of hyperplastic gastritis is the increased production of epithelial cells in the stomach, which can lead to the growth of resembling polyps.

    With this form of the disease, there are no characteristic inflammatory processes, and the symptomatology may not be expressed. However, epithelial cells that grow rapidly are imperfect and undifferentiated. They are not able to perform their functions, which eventually leads to the appearance of stomach cancer.

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