• How to protect against cancer

    Scientists have established a certain relationship between the development of certain types of cancer and the presence of excess weight. These data were obtained on the basis of a study in which more than 5 million people took part. In particular, it has been found that among the cases of cancer diagnosed in the UK about 12,000 cases each year is a combination of this disease with excess weight.

    The study found that the risk of developing cancer is directly related to the presence of excess weight - the likelihood of developing oncology increases in proportion to weight gain. For example, if the body mass index is increased by 5 points, this results in an increase in the likelihood of developing a 25% increase in kidney cancer and breast cancer by 62%.

    Direct connection of this scientists see that obesity, as a rule, is accompanied by the production of hormones( in particular, estrogens).This is especially true for postmenopausal women, when the production of hormones by the ovaries stops. In this case, fat cells become a source of estrogens. This leads to the fact that women who have extra pounds during the menopause are more prone to developing cancer, which is stimulated by increased production of estrogen.

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    To diseases, the development of which occurs under the influence of estrogens, can include cancer of the endometrium, breast cancer, ovarian cancer. According to scientists, the development of breast cancer in about 40% of cases is associated with the presence of excess weight. It was noted that the extra pounds not only increase the risk of this oncological pathology, but also complicate the treatment of this disease, making it ineffective.

    Also with the presence of extra pounds, scientists associate cancer with the liver. Excess weight can lead to the development of cirrhosis, which directly is a risk factor for oncology of this body.

    The relationship between overweight and the development of cancer in men is also noted. Among cancer diseases associated with excess kilograms, a strong half can be distinguished from pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, gall bladder cancer, thyroid gland and kidney.

    Given the information received, experts advise to follow all closely for their weight. Timely adjustment and normalization is able to protect against many cancers.

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