Cataract communication with the patient's nutrition system

  • Cataract communication with the patient's nutrition system

    To reduce the risk of developing cataracts, foods that are high in vitamin C are capable of. In this case, the probability of this disease decreases by about 30%.Such data were reported in the journal Ophthalmology after the study.

    Scientists have concluded that in many ways nutrition, as well as lifestyle determine the chances of developing cataracts. Earlier the leading role in the development of this disease was attributed to the heredity of the eye.

    A study that led to such conclusions was held in London by scientists from King's College. They examined about 1000 pairs of women who are twins. All participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire on the characteristics of nutrition and eating habits.

    At the time of the survey, most participants were about 60 years old. Scientists paid special attention to the amount of vitamins consumed among women-twins. Also, the intake of other nutrients was assessed.

    Simultaneously, scientists conducted an objective study, which consists in assessing the condition of the lens.

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    The obtained data showed that if there is enough vitamin C in the diet, the probability of cataract development is reduced by 20%.

    After 10 years, a similar study was conducted again. More than 300 women-twins took part in it. It gave similar results, but they are slightly different in numbers.

    In particular, scientists noted that if there is a large number of foods with a high content of vitamin C in the diet lowers the risk of developing clouding of the lens by 33%.

    From the results obtained, the researchers concluded that the process of cataract development is largely determined by external factors, which include nutrition.

    They account for about 65%.As for heredity, only 35% of the total number of diseases is determined by genetic factors.

    Therefore, scientists make a logical conclusion - a change in diet nutrition can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cataracts. To do this, you only need to increase the intake of foods high in vitamin C.

    You can find it not only in citrus fruits, but also in kiwi, sweet pepper, papaya, melon, dark greens, broccoli.

    Also, scientists remind that some other diseases can increase the risk of clouding the lens. In particular, it can occur in diabetes mellitus. An additional factor that worsens the health of the eyes and leads to the development of cataracts is smoking.

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