Salad recipe with squid and corn, how to cook it, how to boil squid correctly

  • Salad recipe with squid and corn, how to cook it, how to boil squid correctly

    Of all seafood squid are most popular. By the variety of dishes that are prepared from squid, they occupy the first place of all seafood.

    Squids are perfectly combined with many products, and this makes it possible to use them in all sorts of mixes and salads, even the most exotic ones.

    About the benefits of squid known to everyone. According to the content of phosphorus and vitamin B6, squid left even sea fish behind. And given their low calorie content, they are simply irreplaceable in the diet and will not spoil your figure in any way.

    The most popular combination for salad is squid and corn. Canned corn is even more useful than fresh. Choosing corn for salads, please note that the most useful is the summer one.

    Try our salad recipe with squid and corn, how to cook it now and tell.

    Ingredients for

    salad you will need: squid - 1 kg, 3 eggs, half a can of canned corn, peeled walnuts, vegetable oil, greens, salt, pepper.

    Preparation of salad

    Squeeze squids from the film. To do this, pour them with boiling water, the film can easily be removed. Cook the squid. It's important not to digest them, otherwise they will be tough. Therefore, squid the squid in boiling salted water and cook for only 3-5 minutes.

    Eggs boil hard and put under cold water.

    Cut the onions into thin half rings and pour boiling water over them to remove bitterness and make the onion taste softer. So he will not score the taste of squid.

    Squids cut into strips. Eggs are cleaned from the shell and finely chopped. Walnuts are not very finely chopped.

    All the ingredients are prepared and we just mix all the ingredients.

    In calamaries, eggs, corn, onions and nuts, add the vegetable oil and mix. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    This salad recipe at home can be changed and supplemented depending on the mood and taste. Vegetable oil can be replaced with mayonnaise. For this salad, thinly chopped Pekinese cabbage or grated cheese is fine. If you want to make the salad more satisfying, add boiled rice.

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