• What is dangerous antibacterial soap?

    Regular use of antibacterial soap can harm our body. This conclusion was reached by scientists in the course of scientific experiments conducted relatively recently.

    It was decided to perform a number of scientific experiments, the purpose of which was to reveal the exact effect of soap on the health of the body. According to the researchers, this effect is very important to take into account, because a person uses soap daily and therefore its impact can be of great importance for health in general. In this case, the purpose of the study was to reveal the effect on the human body of both normal soap and antibacterial.

    During this experiment, scientists paid special attention to the composition of soap and paid attention to a number of its components, which can have a particular impact on health. In particular, we are talking about triclosan and triclobane. The presence of these substances in the soap can have an adverse effect on the work of the organs of the hormonal system. The presence of these substances was noted in the antibacterial soap.

    The study was based on clinical and laboratory experiments. As a result of the information received, scientists came to the conclusion that the use of antibacterial soap with the presence of a triclosan and triclosan is highly undesirable. This was reported by the Commission on Health.

    Despite the name of the soap is antibacterial, it has a special effect on microorganisms. On the one hand, it struggles with a dangerous microflora, on the other - with the regular application of such soap, resistance to many pathogenic microorganisms develops and over time its antibacterial effect is ineffective. But the most important is that harmful bacteria become more resistant to the effects of drugs, which makes it difficult to treat certain diseases.

    Separately it is necessary to say about soap, which contains alcohol. It is often used by physicians. And although it can be called antibacterial, but the use of such soap will not cause harm to health.

    According to scientists, the presence of triclosan and triclobane in the soap has a negative effect on the state of the immune system, as a result of which the body's defenses are reduced and the body becomes more open to various kinds of infections. Also, regular use of such soap can cause a malfunction in the hormonal system.

    Given the findings, researchers are encouraging manufacturers to pay more attention to the composition of their products and conduct testing for possible harm to health.

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