• Charge for the neck

    If you sit for a long time with your head down, the flow of blood to the neck is involuntarily limited. Every half hour, you need to throw your head back for a few seconds. Every hour it is desirable to do 3-5 circular movements of the head in different directions. Several times a day it is useful to massage the neck.patting the back of his hand in the chin. Movements should be energetic, but not sharp.

    Perfectly strengthens the muscles of the neck such an exercise with lips stretched forward, in any order, pronounce the vowel sounds AND, S.U, O. If you do this exercise at work, then it is not necessary to connect the voice device.

    About these "production" exercises must be remembered constantly and do them at the slightest opportunity.

    Morning exercises for the neck

    1. Relax the muscles of the lower jaw and neck, open your mouth and tilt your head back. In this situation, strain the muscles of the chin. With force in a slow rhythm, lift the open lower jaw to the top. And the lower lip should "protrude" above the upper one. This exercise should be repeated until light fatigue of the muscles of the neck.

    2. Pull your lips out with a tube, take a deep breath through your nose. Fingers fix the position of the corners of the lips. Without releasing your hands and not changing facial expressions, try to exhale slowly and quietly through your mouth. Repeat five times.

    3. Raise your head proudly, lift your chin forward and try to "put" it on your chest. This exercise ensures the flow of blood to the neck and tightens the muscles. Repeat at least three times.

    4. With your right hand, fix the left side of your neck. Use your left hand to hold the left corner of your mouth. Take a slow deep breath through your mouth. The meaning of the exercise is that the working muscles will pull the left corner of the mouth down, while the fingers hold it in place.

    This exercise perfectly strengthens the muscles of the neck and at the same time fights nasolabial folds. It is carried out five times for each half.

    5. To finish the complex it is necessary to slope the head at least three times - then to the right, then to the left shoulder.

    All exercises should be performed with a good posture, pulling your shoulders down and raising your head. If you are engaged in sitting, then in no case throw one foot on the other.

    Evening gymnastics for the neck

    1. Place your hands with your fingers crossed on the back of the head and gently push them against the head, which slowly deflects backwards.

    You should feel the tension of all the muscles of your neck.

    2. Crossed arms under the chin and lower your head, overcoming the resistance of the hands.

    3. Lying on your stomach, before going to bed, tilt your head three times as far as possible.