• Treatment depriving folk remedies and methods

    Lishay is a rash, often accompanied by desquamation. Lishay is a sign of many diseases. Usually the rash is located on the front surface of the shins, external organs, on the hands.

    There are different types of lichen, differing among themselves depending on the causes: ringworm, flat lichen, pink lichen, pityriasis and shingles. Ringworm occurs mainly due to contact with infected pets or a person. You can also get infected through things that a sick person was carrying.

    As for pink lichen, the reasons for its occurrence are still in doubt. There is an opinion that this type of disease can worsen depending on the time of year, so it affects those people who have a weak immune system.

    The causes of flat lichens are genetic inheritance, in the disease of the digestive system, in a very weak immune system.

    The main reason for depriving a shorthaired one is contact with infected people or with the items that it touched.
    Shingles, in turn, arise due to a viral infection of the herpes, which affects the nerve endings.

    Lishay - Symptoms of

    Symptoms of ringworm are that spots begin to appear on the skin, and on the hairy parts there are bald patches. In some cases, itching and some deterioration of the condition may occur. Features of pink lichen are that the spots appear on the shoulders and back, in the groin and on the chest. After a while, peeling occurs in the center of the spot.

    Pityriasis means the formation of small spots with flaking. During the development of the disease, the color can vary from pink to brown.

    With herpes zoster, some painful sensations and a worsening of the condition are observed. First there are spots, from which bubbles develop over time, then they dry up and peel off.

    Complications of lichen can cause erosive-ulcerative form with spreading over the skin of erosion. The reasons for the development of the rash can be increased sweating, contact with the patient, hormonal disorders. Lishai can spread throughout the body, which creates a picture resembling a geographical map.

    The chronic form of the disease, characterized by atrophy of the scalp, is more common, as a result of which areas with broken hair in the form of small black dots develop.

    Rub the lichen in half-sliced ​​sultana or raisins. This kind of lichen immediately passes, after the first rubbing.

    Treatment of pink lichen in a person still does not give immediate results. With proper treatment, the disease will still be no earlier than 4-8 weeks. As it can pass and independently, but for a much longer period. Tinea treated for about the same amount of time.

    With pink deprivation a diet is prescribed in which the following products are excluded:

    Red fruit
    And other products that cause allergies.
    You can add to this list all the spicy things.

    In order for lichen to not develop into a chronic eczema - it is forbidden to wash with a washcloth and soap. It is allowed to wash only in the shower. The use of cosmetics for a period of 3-5 weeks is excluded. The tan and the wearing of synthetic underwear also have a negative effect.
    Pink lichen: drugs that are used in the treatment of

    If you look in the direction of drugs, it is often prescribed any antihistamine drug that removes itching( eg, supratin), as well as vitamins and immunomodulators to increase the body's defense.(also used for diagnoses: red lichen, lichen lichen and shingles, vitamins always go in favor of the immune system)

    For external use, use - corticosteroid creams and zinc-water mixture, often recommend a cindol, but it should be used only after consulting a doctor. Also, the widespread effect is to lubricate the infected skin with sea buckthorn oil.

    In case of acute course of the disease and spread throughout the body, antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action are used.

    Apple cider vinegar is perhaps the most common way to combat this skin disease. Affected areas should be oiled with apple cider vinegar, at least three times a day.
    In the dark, opaque dishes, fill the leaves and flowers of celandine. Then you need to fill them with vodka. The main thing is that the vodka should cover the celandine. Close tightly, shake well and let stand for several weeks. For prevention and treatment should be taken twice a day for 10-15 drops of tincture, diluted with water. When a mother's plaque appears, wipe it with this tincture several times a day.
    Tincture of one tablespoon of dried elderberry flowers, filled with 200 grams of boiling water, insist 20-30 minutes and take 4 tablespoons three times a day.
    Roll paper with a cone and place it vertically on the plate. Burn the edge and allow to completely burn. On the plate is formed, the so-called resin. This resin should be wiped affected areas of the skin. If the resin is withered, add 1-2 drops of alcohol to it.

    Vanga offered the following treatment: applying undiluted apple cider vinegar to the affected areas( watering directly from the bottle) 4 times a day and 3 times at night( if you wake up).A few minutes after applying apple cider vinegar, the itching and burning sensation of the skin disappear. With this treatment, the lichen quickly heals.

    Flaky lichen is recommended to treat ingestion of sea buckthorn oil at two milliliters per day and externally in the form of an ointment from sea buckthorn oil.

    From lichen obtained from animals, in a sore spot rub finely sifted rye flour.

    With a strong decoction of the purifier, lubricate the sore spots.

    Sore place rub garlic, then 20 - 30 minutes rub birch charcoal in a mixture with fresh burdock root juice.

    Grind and chop raisins and rub them carefully. You can use pre-soaked raisins.

    Sick places with "milk" of any kind of milkweed. The juice of this plant is used in the treatment and removal of warts, moles, non-healing ulcers, fungal affected nails.

    Lubricate the affected area with a mixture of fresh milk and ash from the oak bark.

    Take a fresh fresh walnut twig, burn a tear that drips from it. The resulting substance is then lubricated with lichen.

    In case of infection we are deprived of cats and dogs, a painful place should be smeared with a thick mixture of hot sulfur and olive oil. Smeared places can not be washed. The course of treatment is continued until the disappearance of lichen.

    Juice of fruits of a guelder-rose ordinary to grease the face with lichen.

    Cranberry juice is used for lichen as a compress.

    Ointment from hops, burdock and marigold: for the ointment is prepared a decoction of a mixture of 20 grams of hop cones and burdock roots and 10 grams of calendula flowers. Use one part of the decoction in two parts of petroleum jelly. This ointment should be applied to the affected areas with a hot layer several times.

    And remember! Self-treatment can not produce results, and the rash will develop into a chronic. Further treatment at the same time become more complicated at times.

    Doing alone treatment is not only useless, but in some cases dangerous for the health of the patient, for example, the uncontrolled course of herpes zoster often leads to the development of postherpetic neuralgia. Given that the symptoms of some diseases are very similar to manifestations of other diseases, only after carrying out diagnostic studies( scraping from the skin or nails, carrying out a skin biopsy), a dermatologist can make an accurate diagnosis.

    Since the causes of skin diseases are numerous, the course of treatment is selected strictly individually,
    taking into account not only the characteristics of the disease, but also the general condition of the patient's body, the presence of concomitant diseases.

    Antifungal medications( tablets and ointments) are prescribed for the treatment of ringworm and otaroid lichen, which completely destroy the pathogen. Given that the disease is contagious, the patient should be isolated for the duration of treatment.

    Pink shows the use of antihistamines. It is recommended to limit contact with water for an exacerbation time, avoid sunlight on the affected areas of the skin.

    With the herpes zoster, it is necessary to undergo not only local treatment to prevent the development of infection, but also to conduct a course of medications( antihistamines, analgesics, tranquilizers, etc.).

    When a red flat treatment is necessary, lichen is not required, but it is necessary to undergo a survey to identify abnormalities in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, to investigate the neuropsychiatric state, etc. All the violations revealed are subject to correction.