• Medical underwear with varicose veins

    Lingerie for varicose veins is one of the main components of adequate treatment of this disease. The use in the treatment of a variety of dressings, ointments and compresses from folk recipes can only serve preventive purposes, and even then not always.

    Why not bandages?

    The use of elastic bandages is less convenient. In order for them to be useful, they should be able to put them professionally. Without such skills, a person can do more harm than good and only increase the progression of the disease.

    The correctness of the bandage application is determined by the light blue fingertips that should pass after the person has started moving. If the swelling of the distal part of the limb is observed after the removal of the bandage, then this indicates an initially incorrect application.

    Daily bandaging takes a very long time. In summer, during the period of the greatest worsening of the condition of the vessels of the lower extremities, the bandage covering the leg is visible from under the clothes, and the skin underneath sweats heavily, which causes additional discomfort in the form of diaper rash and scuffing.

    Some believe that the use of elastic bandage is cheaper than buying such an expensive product as compression underwear in varicose veins. And this is also incorrect. With constant use( which is absolutely necessary in this disease), bandages are dirty, they must be often washed, then they lose their elastic properties, and you have to buy constantly new ones. There is no economy in this.

    What is compression linen?

    Compression hosiery in varicose veins is created by manufacturers of special yarns and methods of knitting, which causes uniform pressure on certain legs.

    Such kinds of linen are very convenient to use, and many serious firms produce at the moment also quite beautiful and diverse models. They look aesthetically attractive, so they are in demand in women, who, as the statistics indicate, often develop varicose veins.

    At first, some people talk about the inconvenience of such wearing, but after a certain time( about a week), it becomes a habit.

    Compression hosiery has its own characteristics. It exerts pressure on the leg, its distribution is uneven. The highest pressure goes to the area of ​​the ankle, if you take it conditionally for 100%, then the shin is 70%, and the hip is about 40%.

    How to choose linen

    When choosing such a linen, it is best to follow the advice of the attending physician. For a different degree of development of the disease there is a different class of knitwear:

    1. The first class is created for prevention and use in the initial stages of the disease. It can be worn by people who, for certain reasons, spend a lot of time in a vertical or sitting position. Minor swelling in the ankles that pass after a night's sleep, as well as the appearance of vascular asterisks, is also an indication for wearing first-class compression linen. The pressure with which it acts on the leg is 18 to 23 mm Hg. Art.
    2. The second class is already considered curative. It creates a pressure of no more than 33 mm Hg. Art.and is used for moderate severity of varicose veins.
    3. The third class is used for severe disease, the appearance of trophic changes on the skin and pronounced venous insufficiency. Compression of this class is no more than 45 mm Hg.
    4. The fourth class has a very high pressure - more than 50 mm Hg. It is used very rarely and is intended for disorders associated with outflow of lymph.

    You should not do your own selection of clothes, since it is difficult for a layman to determine the degree of development of the disease. In solid branded shops there are consulting rooms where the doctor can advise which jersey of which class is needed in each specific case.

    Types of products

    Products of this kind can be produced in various forms. Selection of the height of compression knitwear is carried out depending on the site of lesions of the veins in varicose veins.

    Golfs are recommended for the dilatation of the vessels in the shin area. They are convenient for use by persons of both sexes, it is easier for a man to wear such an article under trousers.

    Stockings from varicose veins are used in the event that the venous nodes appear already at the level of the thigh. Pantyhose is used for the same purpose, so you can choose from these two options the most familiar for yourself.

    Manufacturers of such products try to take into account the needs and tastes of their customers. There are pantyhose for pregnant women, in front of them is a bandage supporting the stomach. Stockings can be like an elastic band on top, and in addition they can buy a belt. Golfs, stockings and tights are also available with open fingers. This option is suitable for wearing in the summer.


    Like any method of treatment and prevention, the wearing of compression knitwear has its contraindications:

    • it can not be worn for atherosclerosis, arterial diseases with a sharp decrease in blood flow in the lower limbs, arteritis, trobangitis;
    • in the presence of tender and sensitive skin, prone to irritation and allergic reactions;
    • should not be used for violations related to the integrity of the skin, for example, pressure sores, dermatitis, wound surfaces, eczematous changes are a contraindication to wearing such jersey;
    • in case of vascular damage in diabetes mellitus is also undesirable use of compression;
    • with severe heart failure, when attacks occur even at rest, it is also not recommended to use this kind of products, because even a slight increase in blood volume due to influx from the legs can trigger the development of a heart attack.

    How to use boots for varicose veins?

    Before using any of the techniques, you should consult your doctor. And it is absolutely unacceptable to switch to a new type of treatment, completely abandoning the previous one.

    Treads from varicose have appeared on the market relatively recently. This is a high-quality cloak fabric, with a compression lining inside. Inside they have miniature balls. To the touch, the boots look like sacks of flour.

    This device is attached to the shin area with Velcro. This option is suitable for the legs of any volume, so the size of them is universal.

    The action of the product is based on the fact that slugs and toxic waste products of metabolic products start to accumulate in the shin with stagnant phenomena, which significantly aggravates the patient's condition. Ballast substances have a negative charge. The contents of the boots in the form of balls carry a negative charge, which interacts with subsequent neutralization of harmful components.

    Manufacturers of these products promise that with their use, convulsions in the legs will be lost, and edema will decrease.

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