How to recognize the symptoms and cure thrombophlebitis of the hands?

  • How to recognize the symptoms and cure thrombophlebitis of the hands?

    The inflammatory process that occurs in the vein and is accompanied by the formation of a thrombus is called thrombophlebitis. In the upper extremities this dangerous pathology develops quite rarely. Symptoms of thrombophlebitis of the hand are quite specific, which allows the qualified specialist not to delay with the diagnosis and the appointment of a correct treatment.

    The risk of thrombophlebitis is explained by the fact that the pathology easily extends to the veins of the thorax and neck. The result is thromboembolism, often leading to the death of the patient.

    Clinical symptoms of hand thrombophlebitis depend on the location of the affected vessel.

    As the disease of

    is manifested It is important to note that thrombophlebitis on the arm is manifested mainly in those persons who use narcotic substances. The risk group consists mainly of young men of the stronger sex.

    Characteristic signs of the pathology

    The main symptoms of thrombophlebitis of the hand include:

    1. Change in the skin of the affected limb( reddening).
    2. The appearance of puffiness.
    3. The appearance of a painful to the touch formation( localized under the skin).

    Features of the Paget-Shreter syndrome

    One of the known types of thrombophlebitis on the arm is the Paget-Shreter state. In this case, the veins that are under the clavicle are affected by thrombosis. This pathological condition arises because of the increased pressure on the problem areas. There are such symptoms of thrombophlebitis of the hand, as:

    1. Appearance of a cyanotic shade on the affected limb.
    2. Appearance of raspirating pain in the affected limb.
    3. Heaviness in the hand.
    4. The veins of the limbs are straining and greatly expanding.

    How to help a patient

    In order for the treatment of thrombophlebitis of the hand to be successful, the patient should as accurately as possible draw a clinical picture of a dangerous disease to the doctor.

    If pathology has become acute, the need for an urgent call of a doctor is increasing. Before he arrives, the use of any, even the most "harmless" home recipes is strictly prohibited.

    First aid

    When a person develops thrombophlebitis on his arm, it is necessary to put the injured person on the bed and place the sick hand on a hill built of pillows. It is important that the affected limb is in complete rest. If you begin to rub an anesthetic ointment or massage your hand, a blood clot can come off and be transported to vital organs.

    If pus accumulates on the affected limb, the patient should be urgently hospitalized.

    Conservative treatment

    When the disease progresses to acute form, treatment of thrombophlebitis of the hand assumes the appointment of a strict bed rest. This is necessary in order to stop the possibility of developing pulmonary thromboembolism. It is also important to provide the affected limb immobility. For this, a tire is placed on the patient's arm. The result of this simple operation is the achievement of three most important goals:

    • reduction in puffiness;
    • normalization of venous outflow;
    • elimination of pain.

    If thrombophlebitis on the arm progresses to subacute or chronic form, the patient is prescribed compresses. In the case of diagnosing acute thrombophlebitis on the arm, applications and warming compresses( as well as any warming procedures) are strictly prohibited.

    Use of medicines

    Also treatment of thrombophlebitis of the hand involves the arrest of painful sensations. To this end, the doctor appoints a patient a Novocain blockade( using the Vishnevsky method).In total, twenty-three procedures are prescribed, which are repeated with a cycle of six days. At the same time it is allowed to use cold, which promotes strengthening of arterial spasms in case of a decrease in heart rate.

    Also the drug treatment of thrombophlebitis of the hand is carried out with the help of anticoagulants, which help to reduce coagulability of blood.


    In modern treatment of hand thrombophlebitis, methods such as:

    • affect the affected area with ultraviolet;
    • Influence on the diseased site by infrared rays.

    Such manipulations are relevant when a thrombus is only being formed.

    Treatment of the disease in a sanatorium is possible only if the patient does not develop trophic jaundice and the remission is long enough.

    Day regimen of the patient

    A person suffering from this form of the disease should monitor compliance with the regime of the day. Bed rest after exacerbation bypassed the sick side is no longer mandatory. But the implementation of special exercises, coupled with compliance with dietary requirements, will help the patient quickly come back to normal.

    Activity should be moderate. Man, in addition to performing physical exercises, should be in the open air. Of the harmful habits, of course, have to give up.

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