Recipe for black currant rubbed with sugar: what is the optimal ratio of berries and sugar is necessary

  • Recipe for black currant rubbed with sugar: what is the optimal ratio of berries and sugar is necessary

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    Black currant, wiped with sugar - one of the most simple and useful recipes for home preparations. Black currant is a well-known and beloved berry. Small bushes with these delicious berries can be found on almost every garden plot not only in Russia, but also in the middle strip of Europe.

    Currant is a whole storehouse of vitamins. It occupies a leading place among the shrubby plants of the middle belt for the content of vitamin C. Its medicinal properties were known in Russia for a very long time. Information about the benefits of this type of currant is present in the herbalists and handbooks of Russia beginning of the fifteenth century.

    Fresh berry retains its useful properties not so long, it also quickly deteriorates. Therefore, in order to preserve its useful qualities and unforgettable taste, the currant is grinded with sugar. The resulting delicacy is loved by both children and adults. Berry, wiped with sugar, retains an order of magnitude more vitamins and beneficial properties than when cooking jam, where there is heat treatment.

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    The use of black currant

    Currants black, harvested in this way, is a kind of pharmacy, made for the winter. It is recommended not only for those who suffer from avitaminosis, but also for people suffering from heart and vascular diseases, bronchitis, laryngitis and a number of other diseases.

    In this delicacy, which will not refuse any child, contains a large number of antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, E. It is interesting and the fact that black currants can be used to strengthen the nails. The berry must be rubbed into the nail plate and cuticle.

    How to prepare currant with sugar

    The preparation process is very simple. First, you need to sort out the berries: throw the crushed, rotten, as well as extra rubbish. Selected ripe black currant fruits should be rinsed in boiled water, then dried.

    Further ready dry berries to pass through a mixer or a meat grinder for reception of homogeneous gruel. In a bowl with the received contents add sugar in a proportion of 0,5 kg of a black currant on 1 kg of sugar and to stir up to its full dissolution.

    Rub the currant in a container, cover with a towel and stand in the fridge for 2-3 days, which will avoid fermentation during storage. During this time, sugar will have time to completely dissolve. Do not forget that the berry should be stirred occasionally.

    It is not necessary to leave berries at room temperature, because during fermentation the fermentation process may start. Taste qualities from this will not be affected, but the shelf life will significantly decrease.

    The prepared jam can be eaten immediately or put it in sterile jars and stored in the refrigerator until winter.

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