• Bathhouse

    Bath is one of the most pleasant and beneficial for the body of water procedures. The fact that the bath heals, "people knew in ancient times. Bath enjoyed great popularity in ancient Greece and Rome, and the population of Russia from time immemorial and did not think at all without it their lives.

    Taking bath procedures, a person is affected by a number of factors, and the main ones are water, steam and temperature changes. The steam bath stimulates blood circulation, as a result of which the metabolism is activated;muscles, joints, internal organs and skin cells begin to be better supplied with blood, which means that they contain more nutrients. Improves the work of respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous systems. Through the opened pores of the heated skin, from 500 to 1500 ml of sweat is allocated, along with which salt, lactic acid, urea and other toxic products of metabolism leave the body. Kidney-freed kidneys begin to work better. In addition, the bath improves digestion, improves appetite and reduces the acidity of the stomach. But this does not mean that full people should not resort to bathing procedures. Many athletes and actors who need to lose weight, use the bath to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

    Cold water and hot steam have long been used by Russians as a curative and health-improving remedy. In the past, foreign travelers were amazed at how Russians are soaring in a hot bath, then rush into cold water or snow. Thus, the German Adam Olearius, who visited Russia in the 1630s, wrote: "The Russians can endure extreme heat, and in a bathhouse, lying on the shelves, they order themselves to beat and rub their bodies with heated birch brooms, which I could not endure;then, when from such heat they will become all red. .. they run out completely naked and pour cold water;in the winter, after jumping out of the bath, they are lying on the snow, rubbing their bodies like soap, and then, having cooled down in this way, they again enter a hot bath. Since their baths are usually arranged by rivers and streams, the washings in them from the heat directly rush into the cold water. "