Recipe: chicken legs in puff pastry, baked with vegetables in the oven

  • Recipe: chicken legs in puff pastry, baked with vegetables in the oven

    Chicken legs, baked in a puff pastry, will allow you to vary your table. Everybody likes chicken. What dishes are not cooked from chicken meat. The most commonly used chicken fillet. But let's not forget about the rest of its parts. Of chicken drumstick, wings or thighs, you can cook an incredible number of dishes, no less refined than fillets.

    Chicken legs in puff pastry, the recipe of which we will tell you, is one of these dishes. They will decorate the festive table.


    Chicken drumstick - 4 pcs, puff dough - 400 g, broccoli - 100 g, champignons - 100 g, green beans - 100 g, sweet pepper, butter, leek, salt, pepper, spices, vegetable oil, greens.


    First of all, grate the chicken legs with salt and pepper and fry in a vegetable oil until golden brown.

    Broccoli is peeled on the inflorescences, pepper and seeds. Cut the beans and peppers into small pieces. Vegetables fry in vegetable oil with garlic. To vegetables, you can add spices to your taste.

    Puff pastry can be cooked by yourself, and you can buy ready-made. With the finished test, of course, the hassle is less, especially since there are many different kinds of puff pastry now.

    The dough is rolled in the form of a square and cut into four parts. Pieces of dough should be such that you can wrap a chicken leg there. Each part is greased with butter.

    We lay vegetables on the pieces of the dough, put a chicken leg up one chicken leg and collect a pouch around the bone.

    The feathers of leeks are scalded with boiling water and tied the pouches near the stone.

    Put the bags on the sheet and put them in the oven. Bake at 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

    We get chicken drumsticks in a puff pastry. This dish looks very beautiful.

    Inside the bag you can put not only vegetables, but also finely chopped and fried potatoes or mashed potatoes with mushrooms. And you can make bags without filling. Just wrap chicken legs with a batter.

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