A gift to the girl with her own hands: photos and videos of interesting ideas

  • A gift to the girl with her own hands: photos and videos of interesting ideas

    Girls are mostly romantic, emotional, not rational, so almost any of them will like the gift made with their own hands. After all, knowing how far the men are from the needlework, the girls understand how much time and energy was spent, what emotions you invested in the work. Such surprises are especially dear to the heart. A romantic gift to the girl with her own hands for Birthday, Valentine, March 8 or any other holiday will be unforgettable. We bring to your attention ideas of gifts for the beloved.

    Brand chocolate

    Chocolate wrapped in an original gift wrapper will pleasantly surprise your girl. In addition to the chocolate for work, you will need:

    • colored paper;
    • your with your favorite photo;
    • glue PVA or double-sided adhesive tape;
    • colored pencils, markers;
    • scissors, ruler.


    • work in any graphics editor;
    • joint photo in electronic form;
    • scissors and clerical glue or double-sided scotch tape.

    Use creative approach to design, to get an original and beautiful.

    1. Remove the original wrapper from chocolate. By its size, you need to cut out a new paper.
    2. We write wishes, we fix all the elements on a sheet of paper.
    3. Carefully use the ruler to smooth the fold lines, wrap the chocolate back, but in a new "clothes".For strength, we use glue or flat double-sided adhesive tape.

    The name chocolate is ready!

    Rose Salt

    If you are wondering what gift a girl can make with her own hands, here is one of the simplest options - bath salt with rose petals. You will need:

    • glass jar;
    • dried rose petals;
    • sea salt;
    • tissue cloth;
    • cord, ribbon, tag - optional.

    Production is very simple: we spread the rose petals in the jar, pouring them with sea salt. When filled, cover with a napkin and bandage with a ribbon or a string. If desired, you can attach a tag with a gift composition or a wish.

    Flower in ice

    Another original idea - a flower frozen in ice. Thus, you can present flowers on March 8, for example. Of course, you can not take such a gift for a date, but you can add a festive dinner with this decoration, during which the ice will melt, and a beautiful flower will slowly appear. Your companion is sure to remember the flowers, which are so originally presented.

    1. In the glass we pour water, gently we immerse the flower inside. We make sure that the upper petals do not appear above the water - it must be completely covered.

    2. Put the flower in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator for several hours until the water freezes completely.

    Romantic breakfast in bed

    How to make an original gift on dr? We offer to surprise your beloved girl with your culinary skills, making your own romantic breakfast in bed.

    To make the simplest meals, you do not need to be a chef of a famous restaurant, it will be much more expensive actually if in the daily life you rarely take on the responsibility for cooking. Simple pancakes on yogurt, eggs can cook every man. A beautiful shape of hearts can be given if you use a mold that you can also make with your own hand.


    A gift made by hands in the literal sense, of course, massage. What can be more pleasant than getting it from a loved one. You can also turn this into a game by giving the girl a one-time coupon for this procedure. This sweet sensation of the touch of a loved one is known to every girl. Moreover, the sensation is not only physical, but also psychological, and it will be pleasant not only gifted, but also to the donor.

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