Bottle decoration by own hands: 55 photos of the most interesting ideas

  • Bottle decoration by own hands: 55 photos of the most interesting ideas

    Sometimes, after the holidays, bottles remain of the alcoholic interesting shape, which is simply a pity to throw out. You can give a second life to such a container by decorating bottles with your own hands, see the photos of the finished works below.

    Various decorative tools can be used as decorative elements.

    Bath salt

    For example, it's interesting to look bottles decorated with bath salt:

    When decorating bottles you will need a minimum of materials and just as little time. We take a bottle of the liked form and carefully wash it from labels and glue to which they have been attached, by means of cleaners. If possible disinfect the surface. On a bottle we wind up usual elastic bands, it is better, if they will be wider, than what are used for money.

    When winding, make sure that the rubber bands fit snugly against the glass and do not twist anywhere. Otherwise, the paint will flow under them and even the stripes will not work. We paint the bottle with acrylic paint from the can and leave to dry.

    After drying, spread the bottle with glue and roll it over a layer of poured salt. Again we wait, when the glue will now dry out, and we remove elastic. To make the product more festive, the bottle can be decorated with ribbons.

    The original design of the bottle can also be skin, more precisely, its scraps.

    And how do you like this kind of beauty in the style of decoupage?

    Do you know what is chosen as the basis? Eggshell!

    As it is now clear, you can decorate anything, there would be a fantasy. Such homemade products are perfect as gifts, they can be used as a vase for flowers or ikebana, and you can decorate a full bottle and put it on a table for decorating a holiday. And if the tone to perform more and glasses in the same theme, the admiration of the guests you provided.

    Most often they decorate a bottle of champagne with their own hands, as it is still the most common drink for holidays and celebrations.

    Manufacturing of wedding bottles: master class

    One of the most important celebrations in our life, especially for women, is, of course, a wedding. Even if it is already the third or fourth in a row, you still want the event to pass like a memorable and solemn action. To do this, decorate the hall for the celebration, the bride and groom and, of course, the tables. We bring to your attention a master class on decorating wedding bottles with your own hands, which will help you in this hard work.

    As there are two culprits of the celebration at the wedding, it means that we will decorate two bottles.

    We will design both containers as a bride and groom.

    For work we will need slanting bekes of the following colors and sizes: white - 10 m, black - 8 m. Also 4 m lace, two kinds of glue - "Moment" and glue-pencil, wide bow and rhinestones for decoration.

    The decoration of glass bottles is very similar, only the bride has a little more detail, so she will be the model.

    1) Remove all unnecessary from the bottles( except foil on the neck) and disinfect the surface.

    2) First with glue lace.

    3) The loops of the bake and lace are pasted onto the glue stick, as it does not penetrate the material. For convenience, it is better to glue the turn first, and then cut off.

    4) Be sure to make sure that the turns do not move, otherwise the bride will look sloppy afterwards. Somewhere from the middle of the coil it is possible to perform horizontally, and not along the oblique. In the end, it should look like this:

    5) The skirt is made from a bow by attaching it with small stitches:

    6) It is necessary to make three skirts that will be put on the bottle afterwards.

    7) The assembly, which will be the top one, is decorated with a golden ribbon. It is sewn, like a cant, along the edge of the skirt.

    8) Dress the skirts.

    9) A golden ribbon is glued to the neck and decorated with rhinestones attached to the "Moment".

    10) You can leave it that way, or you can put a hat on the bride.

    11) The bridegroom is done similarly, only the first few turns of the bake are made of white material, the rest - from black. Butterfly and pocket with a handkerchief are carried out separately and are glued to the "Moment".Equally, like the rhinestones on the butterfly and the buttons of the suit.

    An excellent decoration for the wedding table is ready!

    Some more options for decorating bottles for different occasions can be seen on this video: