Gift to the man with their own hands: 5 master classes with photo

  • Gift to the man with their own hands: 5 master classes with photo

    Soon a close man has a birthday, but you still do not know what to give? We suggest you to make a gift to a man with your own hands. After all, you see, a standard shaving set or toilet water can not deliver so much joy, as a gift made with his own soul and love.

    Headphones from sleeves

    If your man is a real music lover and, like all men, loves firearms, you can make him a gift of musical earphones made of cartridge cases of 40 caliber. Such an original gift will certainly enthrall even a man, mean emotionally.

    With the master class you can get acquainted with the video, which shows all the stages of work.


    A trivial, but very practical gift - socks can be decorated beautifully and unusually. For example, in the form of a bouquet of flowers. For this, the sock folds in the form of a rose and is attached to a cocktail tube or a shish kebab. You can supplement the composition with leaves from paper, put a bouquet in a vase or wrap it with a cloth or a floral net.

    Well, if the gifted - an avid tankman, especially as a gift, he can make a tank of socks. Manufacturing is also simple - the necessary number of socks is folded, emitting the hull and tank tower, insert a cannon barrel - a cocktail tube. It remains only for the strength of the design to tie a gift with a ribbon and you can hand it over. We offer to watch also a video master class on the creation of such an object of handmade creativity.

    Sweet gift

    Men also love sweets! Therefore, as a present, you can present a sweet gift: sweets, chocolate, originally decorated.

    For example, in the form of dumbbells, weights:

    Car enthusiast will appreciate the wheel of sweets:

    For tanks - sweet tank:

    Or we can make candies into a bouquet:

    Or sweets can be simply put in a nice box.

    Another option is cake. It is not necessary to be an as-confectioner for this, you can also make a cake from candies:

    Or from a biscuit with a custard:

    Well, photos of ordinary cakes:

    A knitted gift with your own hands

    If you know how and love to knit or crochet, you canknit for a close male scarf or sweater. Thus, you will not only do pleasant, but also show your concern. In addition, such a gift will be appropriate not only for a young man, but also for an adult - for 50-60 years.

    Book of desires

    The book of desires is a cool gift to a man for his birthday, with his own hands which is quite easy to make. The meaning of this idea is this: each page is a check on which you place the names of pleasant things that you are obliged to execute upon presentation. After that, the check "burns out".In this book there can be about 15-20 pages.

    Examples of desires:

    • shish kebab with friends;
    • football evening;
    • massage;
    • evening of computer games;
    • possibility of one time to refuse from any action, etc.

    Photos for memory

    Favorite man can make a memorable souvenir gift with his or your joint photo. Especially good this option is suitable, if the guy already has everything, and it remains to give him only memories. It can be:

    • wall-mounted photo-collage in the form of heart or the word Love;
    • pillow or blanket with photo print;
    • wall clock;
    • picture on canvas or graphic portrait.

    Some options require an appeal to an advertising agency - now almost any of them provide printing services of this kind. Others can be carried out independently - it all depends on your imagination.

    Gift set

    If a man has any hobby, you can collect him a festive thematic set. For example, a football fan can collect in a basket or box a scarf or T-shirt with the symbols of his favorite team, a few bottles of beer, an opener, different packs of salted nuts, crackers, dudes. You can add a certificate in the form of a red card, which will free the loved one from all the affairs of the house for one evening.