How many times must I have a baby - feed baby

  • How many times must I have a baby - feed baby

    To begin with, it is necessary to note one of the many prejudices of breastfeeding - the need to know how much a child eats. There is no need to ask such a question. But it must always be remembered that breast milk is, first of all, your child's health.

    For this reason, in the first days of a newborn's life, it is very important to preserve milk. After having breast milk, you can almost not worry that the baby will remain hungry. Young mothers are always worried about whether they have enough food for their babies, whether they put it right to their chest, and whether the children are then hungry.

    How much should I eat

    How much should I take a baby

    The amount of milk that a baby needs to eat for one feed depends not only on his age, but also on his mood. After all, the baby can not arrive in a better mood, not only from what he wants to eat, but also from the fact that his tummy, for example, has a pain.

    At first the baby can be at the breast for a long time not because he can not get enough, but because he is very warm and comfortable next to his mother. The most important thing is to allow the child to be at the breast as much as he needs. The number of feedings per day will be set by your baby. Usually infants from birth to 2, 3 months are fed every three hours, including night feeding.

    As a rule, the intervals between the feedings should be from 2 to 4 hours. There are children who can safely do without night feeding, after the first couple of weeks of life. This indicates that the mother arrives well at the milk and the baby remains full after the evening feeding of the clock at 6 - 7. And also this behavior of the crumbs indicates that he is completely healthy, and there is no cause for concern. But it must be remembered that if the milk did not come in as much as it was, you should go back to the night feeding.

    If the baby is on artificial feeding, then the food should be given a little less often, since the milk mixtures are absorbed longer than breast milk.

    As is known, breast milk has unique functions: it protects the child from various infections and promotes good intestinal microflora. Especially nutritious milk is in the night period.

    Do you have enough food

    How many milk for a baby

    You can determine if your baby is getting enough food in the form of breast milk according to the following characteristics:

    • , by weight, a newborn to half a year should be typed at 500 grams per month, this is considered normal,that the baby is healthy;
    • the baby on breastfeeding should go to the toilet at least 6 times a day.

    The crumb itself will let you know that he does not eat: it will be expressed by vagaries, nervous suckling of the breast( as if it is a nipple), can bite the nipple.

    Do you always listen to the pediatrician

    Do you listen to the pediatrician

    At the moment of your uncertainty around you there are relatives and a pediatrician, offering your help. It is clear that young parents are inexperienced, and doctors know their business, but sometimes doctors are reinsured, appointing something just in case. This will not in any way affect positively the experiencing mom.

    The situation needs to be taken in hand. After all, who, if not the mother with her baby, is better able to determine the danger of the whole situation? Do not immediately follow all the advice of a doctor. Just need to monitor the overall condition of the baby and even if after 20 minutes after feeding, he already expressed his desire to be full, do not deny him this.

    Crying baby? Apply to the chest. The more active the crumb will stimulate it, the sooner the milk will come. And my mother will not have a question about how many times a day there should be a baby.