Where to spend the new year 2015 - the choice of a place for celebrating the New Year

  • Where to spend the new year 2015 - the choice of a place for celebrating the New Year

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    Pleasant troubles concerning preparation for the New Year's festival begin, as a rule, long before its beginning. For the most part, we are puzzled by how and where to spend the New Year 2015, so that in memory for a long time there are pleasant warm memories.

    Homemade celebration

    Homemade celebration of

    Basically everyone thinks that the New Year is more of a family holiday, which is supposed to be met at the hearth surrounded by precious relatives and best friends.

    The Eastern calendar says that the symbol of the coming year is the Wooden Goat( blue or green).And since in nature a goat is a fairly kind and friendly domestic animal, the idea of ​​meeting the New Year at home will most likely have to be liked by the hostess of the next year. But keep in mind that the character-goat nature is not simple, but refined and refined, besides, adoring to have fun, to have fun and shine in society. So do not count on a quiet homely pastime on New Year's Eve and do not expect to sit all the time at the TV under the Christmas tree, because passive behavior will only upset the Wooden Goat and then you will not be lucky in the New Year. If you want to be lucky in everything in the coming year, try to coax Coza. To do this, you will have to think in advance not only New Year dresses, festive menus and how you decorate the Christmas tree, but also take care of fun entertainment( entertaining collective competitions and exciting games).Attach all your efforts so that on New Year's Eve none of the invited guests should not be bored.

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    For the New Year, gifts are traditionally given. Think about what and whom you want to give, get everything in advance. If you like to make your own hands( draw, embroider, knit, burn on wooden boards, etc.), you can present your friends on New Year's Eve with their own small souvenirs made with the image of goats or sheep.

    If you manage to make the New Year celebration bright, interesting and enchanting, then be sure - the whole next year will be accompanied by success and luck!

    Countryside version of

    New Year's Eve outside the city

    Fans of rural holidays can safely go to meet the year of Goats for the city. If you have the opportunity to be closer to Mother Nature on New Year's Eve, then why not use it, especially since the celebration in the village will also have to like the symbol of the next year.

    Outdoors in the fresh air, horseback riding or sleigh rides for the merry ringing of bells, walking or ski walks through the forest, round dance near the live snow-strewn Christmas tree, snow battles, sledging, skating and quad biking, live communication with animals. .. Without a doubt, all this will cause rapid positive emotions and will give a huge amount of fun to both children and adults. Such an unusual celebration of the New Year can not but please.

    There is another charm in a country vacation - it's a Russian bath. And really, what could be better than a Russian bathhouse? !Just imagine for a minute, how cool, actively steaming a birch whisk, from a running start to dive into a snowdrift. Is not that so, OK?

    So think hard about whether to stay on New Year's Eve in the usual urban atmosphere or better to gather a friendly merry company, and go to the village to celebrate in the fresh frosty air!

    A trip to unknown places

    In the New Year by train

    For people with an adventurous character warehouse, there is a great opportunity to enjoy the New Year's Eve either on the way to an unfamiliar place, or already directly in an unfamiliar place. For example, you can collect friends and purchase tickets for a train that departs on December 31.What can be more exotic than a New Year's trip to a place where you have never been? It is not at all necessary that it be some kind of metropolitan large city located far from your home. The purpose of the New Year's trip can be a small tourist base.

    Please note! For such an unconventional celebration of the New Year the company is very important. If the trip is going to merry old friends, you probably will not get bored, and upon returning home all travelers will surely have something to remember.

    Ski Resorts

    Today, quite a large number of people prefer the New Year and Christmas celebrations at the ski resorts. Of course, the Swiss and Austrian Alps - it's fine, but rest in them, unfortunately, is not available to every wallet. No less pleasure can be obtained from visiting ski resorts in Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. In these blessed mountains the mountains are also high, and the snow is as fluffy and white.

    There is hardly anyone who would not like the meeting of the next New Year in a cozy restaurant of a nice mountain hotel or directly on top of a high mountain. As a rule, at the ski resorts in the New Year season, in addition to skiing, a lot of entertainment and festivities are offered. But besides the ubiquitous fun, you get great pleasure from pure heady mountain air and beautiful winter landscapes.

    New Year in Finland

    Russians are especially fond of and enjoy trips to the New Year in snow-covered Finland. The opportunity to spend time with children comfortably and comfortably during the long New Year holidays in the cozy and warm cottage of the Finnish forest appeared, first of all, thanks to the rather close geographical location of this wonderful and hospitable country to Russia. Almost every cottage has a ski track or a road for snowmobiles - so an active family vacation will be provided. In addition, for those who like to sit with a fishing rod, services are offered for organizing ice fishing. As the demand for such winter rest is great, book cottages should be done in advance, even in the summer. And ordering a cottage, you can safely without haste to think over the New Year's program of entertainment and recreation.

    For the New Year, apart from Finland, the doors of the hotel of all European capitals and cities are warmly welcoming. Offers for New Year's holiday are very large, and your choice depends only on your mood, desire and finances.