Paper Crafts by the New Year 2015 - How to Make Paper Christmas Decorations 2015

  • Paper Crafts by the New Year 2015 - How to Make Paper Christmas Decorations 2015

    Behind the daily chores and endless worries absolutely imperceptibly and very quickly time flies. It seems that the next year has just begun, and suddenly you realize that December has already come - the fluffy snowball is crunching under your feet again, the children in the yard enthusiastically mold a snow woman, and the shop windows that are decorated with colorful lights are increasingly beginning to attract our attention. Everywhere the magic New Year's atmosphere reigns, accompanied by coniferous-mandarin fragrances. In anticipation of the adorable winter holiday, everyone covers a pre-holiday shopping fever. Everyone wants to decorate the interior of his house for the New Year in a special way, not like everyone else. Therefore, despite the fact that numerous shops are full of offers of New Year's souvenirs, Christmas ornaments and sparkling tinsel, often there is a desire to make something original with their own hands to decorate their home.

    Christmas decorations made of paper

    The simplest are crafts made of paper for the New Year 2015.

    Please note! You can attract your children to make them.

    Invite the children to organize a small creative workshop at home, and they are happy to respond. But remember, for this you will have to summon your organizational skills, inspiration, ingenuity and flight of imagination to the aid.

    Tools for creativity

    Paper for crafts

    So, you decided to decorate the interior of your house with original hand-made paper of your own making. Vo-the first, be reserved by remarkable patience, as not always the rally turns out how it would be desirable. Then prepare the necessary tools for opening a creative workshop. You will need:

    • scissors,
    • adhesive,
    • paint with brushes,
    • plain and colored pencils,
    • adhesive tape,
    • colored paper,
    • foil sheets,
    • small paper clips,
    • school rulers,
    • needles,
    • thread.

    Each homemade garland, Christmas tree or pendant will add not only the originality to your New Year's interior, but will also carry a part of your soul, together with warm memories of how you and your kids were engaged in creativity.

    Christmas tree beads

    Beads from foil

    As a warm-up we propose to make fancy beads for your Christmas tree. You will need:

    1. foil,
    2. ordinary sewing needle,
    3. strong thread of any color.

    Cut colored foil with 20x20 cm squares.

    Bead foils for beads

    The resulting squares-billets roll into tight balls.

    Please note! It's better to give the opportunity to perform this operation to your little fidgets.

    It's not scary, if the kids get uneven balls, you can align them while stringing on a string. As soon as a sufficient number of brilliant beads-beads are made, pick up a needle and thread and proceed to the connection of the beads. Each ball pierce neatly, without haste. To fasten the threads of colored beads, ordinary paper clips will be useful.

    Christmas garlands

    Paper flags

    For the festive garland you will need:

    1. colored paper,
    2. strong thread,
    3. adhesive PVA,
    4. needle,
    5. scissors.

    Garland "Flags"

    Flags from paper

    Distribute to children sheets of colored paper, simple pencils, rulers and scissors. Invite them to draw on paper and then gently cut out rectangles( flags) of small size, or figurines of small snowmen( matryoshkas), or snowflakes.

    Please note! It is necessary that all the figures are double and they must have a fold.

    Such an uneasy, but very fascinating occupation will surely appeal to children. After the desired number of workpieces is done, tighten the thread and paste the figures on it, applying glue to both halves of each figure. The resulting elegant and rather unusual garland of hand-made can decorate both the New Year tree and the room.

    Garland "Chain"

    Garland chain

    Garland "chain" is the simplest version of paper garlands. It is done easily and quickly. Take colored paper, scissors and glue( clerical or PVA).

    Strips from color chain for a garland chain

    Cut colored strips with a width of 1 cm and a length of 10 cm from colored paper. Then, one strip, so that the first link of the chain( ring) is obtained. Inside the ring, thread a strip of a different color, which is also glued together with a ringlet. Repeat the procedure with the remaining cut strips until you get the garland of the desired length.

    Decorative Christmas tree of paper plates

    Christmas tree made of paper

    Undoubtedly, the most original decoration of the interior can be a small paper herringbone made by your hands. Buy in the store paper disposable plates, colored corrugated paper and double scotch tape. Twist the plates in the form of a cone and glue together the "skeleton" of the future Christmas tree. Cut the strips of corrugated green paper, fold them in the form of a thick thread and glue in a circle to the prefabricated frame. On the resulting Christmas tree, glue any decorations of rain, sparkles, serpentine and tiny Christmas toys or decorate the man-made conifer beauty with small flowers carved from colored paper.

    As you can see, there is nothing particularly difficult in making paper Christmas decorations, it would be just a wish!